1. Emerdan

    Whatsapp Hackers seems to be promoting themselves by Quora

    I recently asked a question on quora about whatsapp and was surprised to get many answers within a few minutes, and then I checked one and found this: And then I checked the other answers and all of them were eerily similar: Then I checked the profiles of these people and they have been...
  2. Poop Balls

    Adware Traffic

    Hi, We have some adware traffic. Any suggestions on how to monetize this traffic? Any known affiliate networks which accept this traffic?
  3. Madruga

    [Method] Make Money with Virus/Worm/etc Removal Sites + CPA Content Locker

    If you are a tl;dr guy, skip this thread As you well know, not all anti-virus softwares can do their job; some people doesn't even have one installed, and the list of why their computer was infested, can be unlimited; not to mention that not everybody who owns a computer, knows the difference...
  4. B

    Online retailers can’t afford to ignore Affiliate marketing any more?

    I am an marketing consultant for a medium-size online retailer and have spent gobs and gobs of time investigating funny traffic patterns that began appearing in 2008. I am hoping to piece together some more clues with some of your help. I suspect the bad economy was a catalyst for a shift...
  5. Y

    How can i hide a spyware link

    Hi, Hope someone can help , I have been advertising Littlewoods for sometime now and the PPC scene has got toooo expensive. I found that Zango is a cheap way of generating clicks using Pop Ups but ive been collared by the Affiliate Managers who have kicked me off and closed my accounts etc...
  6. sorn2008

    Intro & Review of Magic Traffic Bot

    Ok first i'll start off by saying Hello, just joined the board a few days ago and been lurking reading alot here. Glad to be here and hope to share any information I have as well as soak up any available. Secondly let do a simple review of 'Magic Traffic Bot' and if you are a fan of it you...
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