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  1. IG Professor

    Ranking & Indexing 20,000 Sub domain PBNs with SPUN content

    What this journey is about At 4.27 I started a BST here regarding content. This content is not Copyscape passed. The goal of this thread is to break this myth about Copyscape - people giving it too much credit where in fact the only authority that can decide if your content worth...
  2. predator1988@

    [ WTB ] I need 3 Level Spinned Article

    Hi all I need 500 words article ULTRA SPINNED on 3 levels ( paragraph, sentence, and word ). I will provide keywords please who is interested PM me. P.S Need samples first!
  3. dragon77

    Buy Spun Articles For Link Building or PBN | Just $0.18/100 words | Fast TAT Maximum 3 Days

  4. Y

    Can Spin Content Win?

    I had this weird question in my mind. Can spin content beat handwritten content in the SERPs for low competition keywords? What are your views?
  5. Visual Eagle

    When some people use automated tools...

    I mean cmon at least check if your spin is working correctly before blasting it over the internet xD (weirdly I searched clash royale new update as I play it and this popped up). Advice: Always do a test run (or preview if everything is okay) before leaving the software to do its job and...
  6. bluecoder

    Wordai daily/month limitations

    I really couldn't find in their website about the actual limitations of the WordAi web usage, i could see about the limitations of the API but , i would really want to know about the limitations of the web login usage...did any WordAi users who has some idea on this..
  7. uristjack

    [METHOD] Expired Domains = Free Content!

    Expired Domains = Free Content! So, most of us I'm assuming have bought expired domains at some point or another. Anyone who hasn't, check out these guides here: How to find high DA expired domains for free! by macdonjo3 How to choose expired domains by jackteam Now, what most of you don't...
  8. Furious Man

    Furious Niche Related Super Web 2.0 Link Building - 30% Discounts Available

  9. T

    How To Get Unique Articles From Article Builders

    Hey Guys, I am trying to get different articles from Article Builder, but every time i get article, it shows some duplicate content. Can anyone suggest how to get unique and readable articles from Article Builder. Also with TBS how can i spin together 20 different article on same topic to get...
  10. M

    Duplicate content to article directories

    My question is that is submitting the same article to different article directory ok for SEO purposes if I spun the title and resource box that kind of stuff? Because nowadays article directories tend to penalize rubbish spun content. Which way is the correct way and most effective??
  11. D

    Looking for a Article Spintax Veiwer

    I'm looking for a light desktop utility that can take a spintax article/comment and give me the output. Just like scrapebox does with it's test comments function. So that I can copy it, in readable form, and paste it where I want it. Then hit a button that says "next" and it would give me the...
  12. S

    [WTH] spun articles writer

    Hi, i want hire a spun articles writer in spanish and english
  13. ppcmaster

    120 Unique Spun Articles of 350+ words for $99 - Reviewed by BHW mods/greats

    Greetings to all! We are pleased to launch another successful service for all the members of BHW. Many of you have been longing for this service for a long time now and here it finally is. ContentYogi is proud to launch our '120 Unique Spun Articles of 350+ words for $99' service as of...
  14. P

    [WTH] Spun Article Writer(s) Needed

    I am Planning to launch several product review websites and looking for product review writers to provide me with spun articles. Each article is going to be about 300-400 words count and spun into 4 different variations.
  15. T

    Acceptable Article Uniqueness % When Spinning Articles?

    I just have a couple questions here regarding spun content. If anyone would be so kind as to answer them I would be eternally grateful, or at the very least I'll tap the thanks button under your response. :D I'm using Power Article Rewriter (PAR) to spin articles, and I am spinning them...
  16. T

    Freelance Poll: What do you want in a Service?

    I've been trying out some different ideas and offerings here in the freelance section. Here are some of the services I'm thinking about starting: 1. Blog Comment Posting Service, both a manual and automatic option - with manual being more relative to each post, and automatic being...
  17. L

    Plagiarism Question

    Does anyone know of any websites besides copyscape and plagiarismdetect that are good at detecting plagiarism? I would like to make sure that my spun articles look original. These two sites have helped so far but if there is something more accurate I would love to try it out.
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