spotify botting

  1. T

    Spotify botting - Can you use free trial accounts

    When doing spotify botting do you know if you can use bulk premium free trial accounts, I've heard that free trial accounts doess not pay royalties to the artist, is this true?
  2. T

    4G proxies for spotify bot

    I have heard a lot of talk and suggestions on using 4G mobile proxies instead of residential proxies for spotify botting. Which provider do you recommend for 4G mobile proxies and would you suggest going for the static ones too?
  3. S

    Asking for help with spotify stream botting

    Greetings everyone,from a new member. I am running a small scale (compared to what I've read here)spotify botting scheme and recently have hit a brick wall regarding the botting itself,more specifically a problem with the web player through which the plays are accumulated.Recently spotify has...
  4. T

    Different paypal accounts when spotify botting

    (spotify botting) What are your thoughts on getting around not using the same paypal account on all your artists and different accounts on the same music distribution platforms since there is a limit on how many paypal avcounts you can have? Do you think the distributors notice that some...
  5. T

    Different distributors with different accounts when Spotify botting?

    (spotify botting) When uploading your songs onto the streaming services which distributors do you use - like distrokid, routenote, freshtunes etc. Do you use multiple different distributors with different accounts on each as well. In order not to have for example 100 songs on one account on...
  6. cparonny

    How To Make Money From Spotify Bot

    I Have Made Spotify Bot with a Friends. It Automates Plays To Songs/Playlists. Create Accounts Lots Of Things. But I Didn't Know How Do They Earn Money From This Bot? Does Anyone Know That?
  7. Nekronomikon

    Which Proxy Type is Best for Safe Spotify Botting?

    Do I really need expensive residential proxies for safe spotify botting? Which alternatives are out there, that are cheaper and won't get me busted? Edit: Sorry for the repost, forgot the tags in the last thread