(HIRING) NATIVE ITALIAN SPEAKING LIVECHAT OPERATORS $1000+ daily, LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Job description: -You'll be messaging clients with certain requests, 8-12 hours daily. -Your returns are based upon your effort (comission based) Requirements: -Is a native Italian speaker -Willing to...
  2. Z

    Multiple tinder and bumble profile + verification bypass

    i need to learn how to create multiple tinder and bumble profiles. I have already used proxy, antidetect browser, app cloner, bluestacks emulator, sms verification. I tried manycam as virtual camera (failure). Of all this stuff I was able to make only one profile (shadowbanned after a while...
  3. Gesloten420

    German sms spamming

    hello, im looking for somebody or a provider where i can spam daily 20k-30k sms to german phone numbers. with sender id would be great please message me here or on telegram: @gesloten263
  4. bunnelld750

    What is best tool for spoofing

    What is spoofing and how to use it
  5. inkbotdesign

    Gmail spoofed? Sent emails I obviously didn't send.

    Has anyone come across this? I checked my email yesterday and there was one received, all nonsense gibberish, no link was clicked, I deleted it. Then I got another. I checked my 'sent' emails and apparently I had sent ones (which I didn't) - I changed my password and double-checked security -...
  6. B

    Canvas Spoofer

    Hello Community, in the past weeks I have made an Akamai Web Sensor Generator. Akamai takes great care to make the canvas look realistic. For example, they compare the user agent with the canvas values. I am looking for a programmer who has a canvas spoofer or can make one? Anyone who has...
  7. 1536758

    Hello, Black Elite

    Hello, Black Elite. Mainly involved in Networking from 2015 or earlier. It started innocently with a certain DNS amp and now I'm fighting on both sides of the firewall. I am currently developing some interesting projects. Hope someone else remembers FBI Christmas :)
  8. I

    Python twitter bot in selenium

    I have a fully automated python twitter bot using the selenium package. After one day twitter has already asked for additional verification (not surprising since I haven't tried to spoof twitter yet). I just wanted to test how easily it would be picked up. So, I've been reading that the...
  9. S

    Need help with SpoofCard

    I've tried adding credits but my credit card got rejected over and over again, i tried from friend's credit card and it got rejected aswell. Since then i've tried with over 10 people's paypal and credit card and all have either been rejected or succeeded and refunded the whole amount within 5...
  10. Digital Dark

    When searching through outlook emails i get this?

    So ive had some strange stuff happening to my email lately and notice now i have a code under contacts name? Probably nothing but just curious because ive been paranoid after some serious phishing getting through my spam lab. Looks like a rich text format but strange it is showing here.
  11. blogzandstuff

    Google loophole revealed, easy way to get your site's link to show as number one

    Follow these steps... Go to Google and type in your keyword Hover over the number one site link and righ click inspect element, you'll see the link in the frame either on the right or below, which ever way you have it set up Edit the html link to your site's link ( right click inside of the...
  12. hasan7707

    Money deducted from my paypal, don't know for what?

    I don't remember buying any service from this merchant. Here's a screenshot of where it went to: I hit up that email and asked what service they offer (no reply yet). How can I stop this? And how do I remove any sort of subscription that I'd once opted for? Thank you for your help.
  13. hasan7707

    Money disappearing from payoneer?

    I had 296$ in my account. I bought domain+hosting from godaddy for around 13$. And today, I logged in and saw I had 271$ in my account. What's going on? I don't see any other recent transaction than the domain and hosting. 25$ spoof for buying $13 item? Are the transaction charges so high...
  14. I

    I need to clone a site (Just main page and 1 other). Urgent!!

    Hi, So i am urgently looking for someone who can clone a specific website for me but only require a couple of pages cloned. The first page has to be exactly identical with its system. It will ask for Login details straight away, once logged in... it will direct them to another page where my...
  15. Sam Green

    Spoofing Browser Fingerprint in Selenium?

    Im currently trying to use Random Agent Spoofer, a firefox extension, to randomize my fingerprint. By default though a lot of its better spoofing settings like timezone spoofing and setting my user agent to mobile are disabled. I cant find any way to edit the extension settings from selenium...
  16. S

    Hiring: Botnet/Emulation Expert

    To boost popularity of music. Think Spotify, Shazam, YouTube. Timeframe ASAP. Inbox me with your experience if interested and I will reply w/Skype!
  17. P

    [idea] Google SERP spoof to increase a site relevance.

    I've got this idea some time ago, but I have no one to talk to in order to understand if it could work and how to achieve it. [idea synopsis] Google must rank in some way your site, so my opinion is that at some point, G must save the SERP link you have used to go to a specific site, and that...
  18. J

    Virtual bank account service like pinger(virtual phone number service)

    Hello black hat people Does anyone know a service that will allow you to register virtual bank accounts that can be used as like a mask for your official account. Thanks in advance
  19. B

    SMS/Text Spoof

    I am not necessarily new to BHW. I used to be a lot more active with blackhat promotion in 2010-2012, but recently have gotten back into the business; I forgot my old logins here. Anyhow, does anyone know of any SMS/text spoofing apps/services that still work to send to United States...
  20. X

    How to Spoof Resolution in Ubot?

    Hello, I am having hard time figuring out how to spoof resolution in ubot? this is possible. i just don't know how ... a bot on autoim uses this. but that bot is for traffic, i want this feat to automate other stuffs. was wondering if anyone here knows how to do that and can please share the...
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