1. K

    Hello & question about OpenSea and YouTube

    Hello Dear Milliners ;) I'm new here. I'm looking for someone who can make OpenSea Views and Favorites, preferably "split" numbers - in other words, organic numbers scattered across a collection. I saw in the forum mister @Samuel Atkinson But I can't PM yet. Also, If you know of someone who...
  2. WebGenix

    [POLL]: How do you want to receive your downloadable files?

    Hello, In the past, I was sharing a lot of courses and files (WordPress themes & plugins) with the BHW community, I will do the same in a short time period, I just want to know how you like to get the links, For small files (Themes & Plugins) it's no problem, most files don't exceed 100MB, But...
  3. C

    PHP expert to update 5.x php scripts to 7.4 php and share the scripts here with the community

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the correct area of the forum. I have two old PHP scripts (not WP Plugins) just scripts with their own login page that would need a PHP expert to update to PHP 7.4. I am sharing the scripts here with this post. Hopefully someone can update them and share the...

    Advice Needed on LinkedIn Mass Messaging

    So I was asked if I knew a way to mass message individuals on LinkedIn with specific names and greetings. i.e. a script that would message people and include their name in the message. Problems I encounter 1. No way to mass message individually, if you select more than one user, it will send a...
  5. MehdiBmm

    Is There A Free Wordpress Plugin To Split-Test Text Or Links In Posts?

    Hello, I am trying to split-test on my Wordpress blog and wanted to know if there's a free wordpress plugin to split-test content using shortcodes? So the split-test is within the post it self, not the title. Like [split ="1"]This is text version 1[/split] [split ="2"]This is text version...
  6. Jangga

    How to split a string in php twice.... Help

    Hello guys, I would love to split a string(an email) such that I would be able to get the 'gmail' or 'yahoo' or 'outlook' out of it What I got now: $geta=explode('.', [email protected]); $getb=explode('@', $geta["0"]); echo $get["1"]: But it ain't working
  7. theD2

    How To Make Mini Clip of 3 Mins from 30 Mins ?

    Hello, Im not talking about Splitting or Cutting Video as Normal we do.. here is example - lets consider we have a video of 30 minutes. we want 1 minute of clip from starting video.. 1 minute of clip from mid of video.. 1 minute of clip from end of video.. then...
  8. Capixaba Master

    Adsense Oppurtunity - for - 70% 30% split

    Hi, I have been an adsense user since 2008. I am not earning money with adsense. My balance acumulation since 2008 is only $ 39.83 . I am looking for business opportunities where i can earn . I am willing to pay 70% for those who can drive more $earnings to my account. Looking to make...
  9. boncle

    [JV] Take My Adsense and Monetize it

    i have Fresh Adsense account. and i want to JV. profits will be split 40/60. 60 for you. PM me if you are interested
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