spinning articles

  1. khaledbaddez

    Does spinning articles affect seo negatively ? let's discuss about spinning content

    Do you think spinning articles is a good soulution when you have no idea about the niche or topic ? does this affect SEO ranking ? what is the best spinning tool ? does google someday figure out a way or algorithm to block that kind of content ? feel free to share your opinions , questions and...
  2. cdn_craigs

    NEED ADVICE >> Create 50+ City pages with unique content - Spun or not?

    hi guys MY CHALLENGE: I need to create 50+ local city pages for a USA wide plumbing company for LOCAL SEO purpose, each city page needs unique content, but talking about the plumbing service in that city. MY QUESTION is should I use a article spinner (like http://thebestspinner.co/ or spinning...
  3. S

    Need a good writer and manual article spinner

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who is able to write SEO optimized articles 500/w and spin them manually so that they are well readable when spun. Please state your offers. Regards SEOffensive
  4. veheme

    [GUIDE] Article Spinning

    We all know that backlinks are definitely important. The more backlinks, the better; the higher the quality, the better; the more unique, the better. In order to greatly decrease the time you invest in writing articles in order to gain backlinks, you do article spinning. However, before you do...
  5. Ramsweb

    Remapping a keyborad in an advanced way - Is it possible?

    Hi there people I recently took on a very tiresome task where I have to write some insanely spun articles that also need to read very well. I don't use the best spinner or any other automated tools as they just don't allow me to work fluidly. I simply use Microsoft Word to manually put in...
  6. redpill

    Article Spinner

    Hello, I'm looking for a person / company that can spin my articles and give them back to me in spinning syntax. Please PM me w/ pricing. Thank you.
  7. C

    Article Spinning - they always make no sense

    Hey Folks, If this thread has been written before I don't mean to repost, but I couldn't find anything when I did a search. So my question is... SPINNING SOFTWARES... wow what is going on.. I know spinner chief is an amazing software but every time I spin something, it's always grammatically...
  8. P

    Content Spinning or Freelance Writers

    I am not the best content writer and it takes me a while just to get a half decent article which in all fairness is dry and boring. I have been reading through the threads and there are many approaches to content. Some people rely on spinning software, others spinning services and a some...
  9. donjuan

    anyone using spinreadyplr.com

    I'll like to know if anyone who is using or has used spinreadyplr.com can give me some insights on the quality of the content.
  10. jagreen78

    BIG booty butt-load of PLR articles

    Got these last fall.....they are great to give to a good article re-writer or use with a spinner http://www.mediafire.com/?05mwydyobl2
  11. S

    Selling PLR Articles or Spin Ready Articles

    I have many good articles. I'd like to rewrite them and sell them online. Even offer spin-ready {contents|articles}. Does anyone know the know-how or where I can sell my articles on various topics?
  12. B

    Wanted For Hire: Article Spinner for 2 Months - 3 WP Blog Spins per day, Weekly Pay

    Hey BlackHatters, I have a 2 month project and am looking for an Article Spinner to do 3 daily spins. I looked into autoblogging and was disgusted by the quality for this site. I'm looking for bids. General job/content information: - I will have an RSS feed aggregated, and you can randomly...
  13. T

    Acceptable Article Uniqueness % When Spinning Articles?

    I just have a couple questions here regarding spun content. If anyone would be so kind as to answer them I would be eternally grateful, or at the very least I'll tap the thanks button under your response. :D I'm using Power Article Rewriter (PAR) to spin articles, and I am spinning them...
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