1. HollywoodToday

    How unique does my content need to be TO RANK WELL in Google? 50%, 70% 99%??

    How unique does your content need to be TO RANK WELL in Google? Minimum 70% unique? 99% unique? But by what checker? I've been blogging a long time with manually written articles to rank and bring in Google traffic, but with better spinners these days, does 70%+ unique content rank from...
  2. Meerakat

    [How-to] Spin The Best Article Ever

    Hey BHW! I felt like contributing again and this time I am presenting a really good script. It will benefit the sellers and also the people who like building links. I am releasing a script here which is coded in NodeJS and what it does is, it spits out the most readable article by spinning it...
  3. michiosha1

    How smart is Google IRT non-english content?

    It can detect low quality spin-content in english, that's why it's used mostly for T2 links. However let's assume that I have Thai money site with only Thai sites backlinking to it, can I use lower quality content in Thai language there (for example push something that I'd use for T2 to T1...
  4. Meerakat

    Providing a **readable** spun content for free

    I am bored of seeing spun contents that are spun using wordai or other tools out there who claim to use artificial technology or free article rewriters :poop:, but this time I am going to provide you a very readable spun content for free! I even used my spun contents and got approved via...
  5. D

    Article Spinning Guide 101(Quick)

    Hey guys! Are you all having trouble spinning articles and having trouble finding the best software that actually inputs correct and valid spintax in your generated article? Look no further! After thorough research I have finally come to a conclusion and decided that I may even use these...
  6. O

    Any wordpress plugin that locates content based on keywords and then spins it ?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a Wordpress plugin where you maybe enter in a keyword/s for it to search on the web for and then it scrapes article/s and spins them for you ? Does this exist out there ? Especially a free plugin that does this ?
  7. my4gproxy

    spin tool

    SOLVE I was looking for "SpinTax" :poop::poop::poop::):):) Hi guys, Can someone tell me a tool to put text in spin format like {text|text2} thanks!
  8. technokid321

    Monetization of garbage traffic and just an extra BTC income

    Guys, I do not know how it is for you, but for me leads of 1-6 cents for the registration of some cheap GEO - a complete upset. I have long thought about how to squeeze more profit from such geo-impurities in my traffic and found 1. Go to https://show-plus.site/ 2. Register (use the bitcoin...
  9. H

    Free Wordpress plugin that spins post automatically?

    Hi guys I'm after a free wordpress plugin that spins text in a post. Any suggestions?
  10. ty310

    Best Free Article Spinners and Best Paid

    Like the title says, I'm looking for the best free article spinners online and also the best paid versions and the differences between them. Thanks for your responses.
  11. ste83

    Multiblogger [content automation] Skype group!

    I want to create a Multiblogger Skype group to share ideas, case studies and info about how to use it. If you recently bought it or you used it and you want to participate, join here: https://join.skype.com/AXFrIkJ3GWhH
  12. axels

    SER Article Giveaway

    Well guys after the success of first giveaway i've decided to keep on and offer a new one Have GSA SER full with unique lists to submit and verify So just send me your article (spinned) kws for content urls and we start the campaign for you Tier 1 and 2 )) Support the community always ))
  13. K

    Try the spinnerchief and how to better use it

    hi I new for spin tool , i hve try spinnerchief and quite happy about IT , But I feel manual spin is good to try , but after use the SNC how can i do it faster , in case i have some data , which spin Tool to combine with SPNC to get better and faster result
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    What Was the Name of That Text Spinner? I Can't Find It!

    There was this free script that was given away somewhere here. Guy used to sell it then gave it away afterward. It allows you to take any text and transform it into different Unicode that looks the same. What was the name of it? I don't even know where to begin.
  15. teetimeb

    The Best Spinner- what's going on?

    I just got this software, and was really finding is useful. I spun three articles successfully. Then yesterday I tried to log in, and it just said checking for updates... I downloaded the update and nothing happened. I went to the website to re-download the software and I get a bunch of MySQL...
  16. D

    Spin content with one click ?

    Hi everyone, English is not my native language. So I can not spin articles manually. what is the best software to get new readable content with one click ? (I see everyone here use wordai but it is expensive for me) Please help me. Thank so much
  17. P

    [FREE] 351 Scrapebox Comment List Spinable - High Approval Rate

    Hi! Just wanna share some comments I use in my scrapebox.. This are proven and tested comments for scrapebox auto commenting.. {I intended|I needed|I wanted|Needed} to {compose|create|draft|post|put|send|write} you {a|one|that|the|this} {bit of|little|little bit of|tiny|very little|very...
  18. C

    import spin to publish article to my wordpress sites

    Hi, I wrote spin in french. How publish article from my spin in my own wordpress sites ?
  19. seotechlab

    Are spin contents good or not ?

    Can someone suggest if spin contents good or not ?
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