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  1. Misan

    Hiring an expert to optimize page speed of a MERN stack website [Urgently needed]

    Hey folks, as the title says I'm looking for a MERN stack expert to speed optimize our website. now its load time is 20sec which is ridiculous, we want it to be less than 3sec. let me know if you do an audit and fix all the required stuff. DM me your price as well. please DM only if you have...
  2. prey24

    Speed Boost Your Website ⭐Complete On-Page SEO ⭐Speed Optimization ⭐Get Higher Rankings ⭐

    Ecomtancyweb brings the ultimate website optimization service for you. We will fix your website speed and also optimize all the on-page components mentioned above. FAQ How much speed improvement I can expect from your service? We try our best to make your website as fast as possible, at least...
  3. plottsch

    How Much Is Enough Data? (Google PageSpeed Insights)

    If you've used Google's PageSpeed Insights, you've probably seen: "The Chrome User Experience Report does not have sufficient real-world speed data for this page." I thought it would be a good resource to discuss here: How much is enough "real-world speed data"? What's the highest traffic...
  4. SocialNed

    [HELP NEEDED] Website load speed is 16s

    Hi guys, I'm working on this Shopify store and the more I try to optimize it the slower my website gets. I did an analysis on Google PageSpeed Insights and got a mobile score of 21 and desktop 61. All my images are compressed, I have about 12 apps but all are very important, does anyone know...
  5. D

    Page speed insights vs pingdom: Whom should I rely on?

    question in title.
  6. TheGreyMatter

    [GUIDE] How to Speed Up Your Website to Load Twice As Fast in 30 Minutes!

    I see a lot of threads asking people how they can load their website faster? Does it affect their SEO? Does it improve their sales? Does it help in getting more traffic? Well, let's put an end to all those questions by giving it a try yourself and you shall find all the answers. Recently, I...
  7. Mirkogiovannetti

    CMS or Not Cms or hybrid. What to choose?

    Dear, PREMISE I can handle Javascript, html and css but I was born with a doubt at SEO level now ... let me explain ... I am creating a website in source code (No using CMS) (I prefer them a lot because they are much more dynamic and less mechanical than wp) so let's say that the frontend is all...
  8. Aniket Roy

    Google's Speedbot gone crazy

    This is how the Speed report(in Search Console) for my website has been varying lately. I don't understand why this might be happening because i'm not making any such changes which will affect the speed in this way.
  9. A

    Backend error in Google speedinsight even I have 98/92 in gtmetrix?

    Hi I need help my website is always backend error in google speedinsight(in mobile) but in desktop it fine it shows 96%. Also I already fix some of the issue under gtmetrix and this is my speed test below. I recently switch to new hosting to namecheap stellar plus because it is much cheaper...
  10. hypermk

    Every Refresh different results

    I check my site speed with google developers it was bad i fixed add some plugins before i fix was 25% mobile 74% desktop after fix 74% mobile 99% desktop but that was 5-10minutes now every refresh the % going down also google developers and gtmetrix shows different results
  11. KRA Marketing

    How can I improve these errors?

  12. P

    Suggestions to improve my blog's traffic

    I blog about arts, design and photography occasionally tips on how to blog. The blog is iamkomex.com and I recently worked on my site speed too. It's faster now, from 2.30mb to 656kb
  13. Shropdog

    Page Speed Insights worth the effort - and what is a good score?

    So i have been speeding up our money site this week ( and already seeing the ranking benefits of it thankfully ). It's a shopify store. I know to take Googles page speed insights with a pinch of salt, and with Shopify you cant do everything you would like too as they control hosting, cdn etc...
  14. KJREDDY247@

    How can i get a website Like the Below mentioned: Can someone Help me

    Hi if I want a website ( features on the website ) something like below mentioned https://smallseotools.com/ https://www.seoweather.com/domain-authority-checker/ How much does it cost for one to make something like this? can someone let me know if they can help in this? or at least if I want...
  15. amandine

    A Good alternative to pagespeed and pingdom

    Hi there, just foud this today while optimizing some wordpress themes. Their tool is probably more accurate than pagespeed and pingdom and the site seems really relevant ... And, since it's not as popular by now, the site isn't overloaded ... Not my site ofc but I think it's a great share ...