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  1. absolvo

    [SEO Journey] Handwritten Content + Cloaked Spam

    Hey aliens, this absolvo and I read a ton of journey threads and I think it's time to start my own journey thread. I've been planning this for some time and I think a journey thread is a great way to keep me accountable. The plan will be to create a "base" website that will -HOPEFULLY- rank...
  2. 12popi123

    Powerful Mass Pages Up To - 1000 Subdomains / 40000 SEO Optimized Articles / 1 Niche per Website

    As you could see lately a lot of big mass websites popped up, there is no secret that these sites still ranking and going strong. Let me create for you 40000 Pages Digital Empire! What you get? - 1000 Subdomains (Choose if you want to include kws) - 40000 SEO optimized webpages - 1500+ words...
  3. Z

    How to tag friends in my post?

    I post my blog link on facebook and i tag 50 friends in my post but when i visit their profile my link is not shown on their wall. How i can do this?
  4. Neuros

    Facebook acc problems

    Hello guys, Firstly, I am new in this forum and also new in this type of work. I recently have started working on Facebook for traffic redirection. Facebook everyday is becoming very tough to use. I have several acc on FB for traffic and before 4 days FB blocked all of them (Some with ID and...
  5. takeachance

    Blog Spam: Are You Confused?

    I am not sure whether to feel genuine pity for this guy or something else altogether but his responses really made me scream with laughter - start from the very bottom of the comments and work your way up!!
  6. L

    Where to get good SB lists

    H i there! :) Im wondering where to get good Scrapebox lists. I was mebmer of scrapeboxlist dotcm and all4scrapebox dotcm and Im serching something better. Does anyone know about similar/better services? Im interested in AA/Trackbacks/FP etc. 4 SB.
  7. U

    Spam Blogs and Google Ban

    Hi What do you think about the chances of being banned by google if you use spam blogs with hundreds of auto generated posts all pointing to your money site? Does your money site risk any penalization or even banning? And what is the weight of these links considering that it is pretty easy for...
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