1. Patchy420

    Are you listening to songs because you can relate to the lyrics or because you just want to fulfill something?

    I feel I will listen to a song just because I feel I can relate to what the singer/rapper has to say. Would be cool to see what you have to say? Hi Toxicness
  2. Jefe12

    What are the song/s that make you feel nostalgic or bring you back to good old times?

    I have many songs that bring me nostalgia, but this song reminds me of the good times on YouTube, and the good tutorials, at that time I hated the song because it was in all the tutorial videos, now I love the song
  3. ziko12345

    What songs are you listening right now or in your free time

    I will start
  4. JesterKI

    Song Distribution Site

    Is there a software that you can use to automatically load your songs into the shops by yourself?
  5. M

    I need 500+ "songs" - 1 minute duration each

    I need 500+ "songs" that will be uploaded to streaming services. The songs can be generated noises for all I care as long as they are not someone else's. PLEASE I do NOT want copyrighted music. Spotify will pull the song if it is. Info: Sound needs to be good quality Each "song" should be...
  6. hazzi

    Songs that motivate you

    What’s songs do u listen to when u need that motivation
  7. BuzzLT22

    Services for artist?

    Hello all After starting our adventure in another topic. ( I would like to have advices, tips and others things about services, apps, method and plans that you can know to help an artist to grew...
  8. Street Fighter

    how to get copyrights for indian movie songs

    any one can know how to get copy rights for Indian movie songs. I want to start movie songs website. some of my friends tell me you will get copy rights from iTune itune will provide copyrights where I will get copy rights for Indian movie songs
  9. Mary Herrington

    Itunes Gifting

    Does anyone know if gifting a song to a ton of people counts as seperate downloads on Itunes? Not trying to chart, just want to the downloads to show up on download report & someone warned me gifting may not work. Thanks!
  10. Finn


    Alright guys, I feel it is time to share some good and decent music with the community. Everyone is welcome to post his personal favourite music track via YT video here. I´ll start with a special one were I doubt anyone of you knows this kind of stuff. Real music! :-)
  11. joaogfuma

    Musics to work!

  12. 4

    Motivational Music - BHW ANTHEMS

    so, how bout some Lounge Music ? in this thread: post your bhw anthems :rock: or music that makes you feel awesome/ hyped up/ motivated - (all genre's!) youtube.c;)m/watch?v=38d_WQXPL_w (not allowed to embed yet) CHEERS !
  13. petrovski

    [FREE] Hip-Hop Beats made by myself

    I enjoy making beats so I will provide some FREE hip-hop/urban/pop/electro/dubstep beats that can be used on you promo vids, intro vids, fade outs or whatever you need a tune for. I will create a tune from one of the above mentioned genres for you to use: How long do you require the tune to...
  14. D

    Some Music - I'm Bored

    I believe I Can Fly
  15. Patel

    What are you listening to?

    Post your favorite music here. Whether it be new, or old, let BHW hear a peek at what your listening to. This is what im listening to right now, heard it on the radio this morning and been singing it all day lol
  16. ericsson

    BHW : What are you listening to when online?? :)

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