1. Lincoln Rhyme

    Spending solution for gambling on tiktok account

    I advertise gambling on tiktok. I use a business account however, I don't understand why they always get banned from spending around $100. I have taken cover measures. Is there any way to increase spending with tiktok.
  2. Zenland

    Free Softonic Solutions Upvotes

    Hello guys! For the whole week I was working on my softonic solution bot to upvote and downvote solutions and even comment and offer solutions on the website. The only thing is I don't want to be banned from BHW, so as far as I understand the rules, you are not allowed to PM me about price -...
  3. M

    Instagram Comments

    Hi, I'm new here and I need some help. I want to comment on INSTAGRAM the name of 3 friends in a post, but with my account, for example I post a picture of a party and I want to comment on the name of 3 friends in my friends list on instagram. Basically, the system needs to extract list of...
  4. M

    Solutions to revenue loss from Adblocking - for publishers

    Hi Guys, Can you please share your views on how you would solve the adblocking problem for publishers? The pros and cons of each solution you might offer. Thank you very much! Really appreciate your time. I am involved in the technology side of solutions to help publishers with loss...
  5. L

    Solutions for mob traffic/affiliate programs

    I have some adult traffic and wanna to sell it profitable Could anyone recommend some solutions for mobile traffic and mob pops, pls
  6. J

    Should I tell Adsense Someone Is Threatening My Adsense Account?

    Hi, I was hoping I could get some help for this situation because I feel like I don't know who else left to ask. This situation has been emotionally draining for me so please bear with me and take my concern to heart and help me as best as you can if you could. I'm currently facing a...
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