1. akash80575

    [WTK] Tool to get thousand of people added in my facebook group

    Hey guys, I am looking for a tool that can help me scrapping the details of members from another Facebook group and adding them to mine. Any idea about how can I do so?
  2. EternalFun

    Can people upload cracked softwares into MEGA?

    Hi, can anyone upload cracked softwares into mega cloud? One guy in an FB group has a good number of softwares with non-virus cracks i.e., Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Premier CC 2018 and some other apps with cracks that have NO VIRUS. He showed the virus total screenshot and those apps are working...
  3. Rshirsagar99

    Best Software For Generate Backlinks

    Which is the best software for generate backlinks with high PR ?
  4. S

    Just Finished c programming ,Starting C#

    Hey i have just finished learning c programming language i want to make http web bots multithreaded with c# what are some of things i should know ? i have seen few things on stack overflow like httpwebrequest response request what else should i focus on to be successful on bot programming?
  5. S

    Which software is the best for creating Advanced cartoons?

    Pls I want to go into the cartooning niche on Fiverr,buh I always see advanced cartoons there.Which software do y use cos I have tried Photoshop buh wasn't up to that...
  6. johnkeets1

    Hi! Everybody ....

    I am new one in BHW :) with best wishes for all.I am Having great experience and knowledge in Blogging,SEO,Making SEO Stertegies,Analyzing Competitors back links, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Network, Article Submissions, Operating Software's like SE-NUKE, GSA, MAR, MAS, WIKI POSTER...
  7. P

    Looking For an Indian Blogger with Torrent Software Posting Knowledge..

    Hello BHW , My Blog is puresoftwares net Since i dont have much time to update my Blog , So i want to hire a freelancer to work with me ..and post softwares for me... work is simple as that just copy torrents and paste them... additional details would be given after the commitment to the work...
  8. Z

    Which Tool should I buy for backlinks

    I am looking to buy some tools to make my life easy. I build the 1st tier links manually, but for the 2nd tier links (for building backlinks to the backlinks) I intend to buy a tool. I currently don't have any software and plan to invest some money in buying 1. Which would you recommend ...
  9. seovirtualassistance

    Need a Partner

    Need a partner who can get paid for the workdone I am having a wordpress site on SOFTWARES and i am working on it from 1 year but i am not earning more from it.If anyone can get huge traffic for my site and more leads i can pay you for that. Just PM me if u r interested. Thank you
  10. bewithme465

    How to become a good programmer and what subjects should i have to learn

    Hello friends i am newbie having numerous thoughts in my mind but i cant express properly to others. I sincerely asking u all plz help me out , i want to be a good programmer or serious software developer for every software has starting point, i dont know ending but starting point will be...
  11. innofidelity

    Which softwares is best ? For Adult Web Site promotion

    I have adult cam web site I wanna buy softwares for backlinks so Which softwares is best ? For Adult Web Site promotion .Thinking to ScrapeBox .pls share ur experts ideas
  12. X

    Software Developer to develop a software URGENT

    I am looking for a software developer expert to develop a software which will have more or less similar function to that of Please get back urgently with a resonable quote.
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