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  1. S

    I'm Direct Advertiser looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software

    I'm Direct Advertiser looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software I'm direct advertiser here looking for installs for my windows based software related to pc optimization on the basis of PPI/CPI/CPM. If you have good huge HQ traffic on daily basis then I can work with you for LIFETIME and...
  2. K

    new campaign...

    Hello everyone! I need your advice. If you run a business where you have several different products and you want to try a new promotional campaign, what product you should start your campaign with - a popular one or a new one?
  3. speedie

    Subscription model vs one-time fee for SOFTWARE business

    Hey guys, Just wanted to ask opinions based on your experience as a software seller or software buyer. Which of the payment models make more sales for you? Which are you more likely to buy from a seller? Assuming the product is top-notch and flawless. Example: Monthly subscription say $59...
  4. shimi

    Get Unlimited Facebook,Instagram,YouTube Unique content! Create STUNNING 100 Quotes in 7 seconds!

    Work ONLY on WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 10 SPECIAL LAUNCH COUPONS: I create limited number coupons of $15 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE for ONLY 12$ The coupon code is: "insta15" I create limited number coupons of $27 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE + VIDEO BOMBER for ONLY 20$ The coupon code is...
  5. AffiliateGuru

    Happy to share what I know!

    Hi Everyone, I'm glad to be here. I have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing and affiliate software and technology as well as lead management and brokering. Please hit me up with any questions you have and I will be happy to help.
  6. lazareski

    [Need Advise] On selling invoice software

    Hello BHW, I need some help on selling an invoice software. I have experience with amazon affiliate i have websites making a steady income, and a little selling health products. I recently launched a desktop invoice software of my own making on clickbank, but i don't really know how to sell it...
  7. mattsoft

    Software for quality local directories

    Hello, I've found out this forum today and it is great source of information. I also see you people have lot knowledge here about marketing and SEO. I am a programmer and I build cloud system, some way similar to wordpress but especially for creating quality local listings / directories...
  8. C

    Any Software Programs To Find Do Follow Blogs For Posting Relevant Comments On

    I'm looking for some software programs to find blogs for a specific niche to post relevant helpful comments on are there any working.
  9. D

    500affiliates(dot)com using what software?

    Hi Fellow Warriors, Does anyone know what affiliate software (if any) 500affiliates(dot).com is using? I have a similar business model that allows online trading using various stock trading platforms (both white-labeled & proprietary) and currently looking to start an affiliate program...
  10. D

    Affiliate Program Software?

    Hey BHW, Anyone know of any good open-source software that can be developed into a full-blown affiliate site? It can be free or paid software. What are the best current affiliate site scripts that exist?
  11. seosuperman1

    Looking For Affiliates To Make A Ton Of Money Quick...

    Hey, I am looking for affiliates in all countries and languages to promote internet marketing software products. Commission starts at 25% and can go up to 50% of all sales depending on volume. These products sell VERY well. If you have a list, we can talk about a partnership or JV. Please PM me...
  12. T


    Hi Friends at this great forum, I'm Terry, and am so delighted to be in the midst of great people like you all. I hope to learn from you and to share ideas together. Thanks
  13. D

    Looking for owners of software sites

    Hi, i'm a freeware developer. I have a few sites with my software. Also, I have a third party partners who pay me for bundle distribution. So, now I need some partners with software sites (blogs, archives, forums, e.t.c) who can help me promote and distribute my programs. I share my...
  14. cburton81

    How I Made A Realistic $100 Per Day Using Free Methods!

    A couple months ago I decided to put another idea I had into action and see how much money I could make with the least amount of effort and also keeping the budget to $0 or at least really low. My method was to find at least 1 affiliate program that paid me per lead instead of per sale and then...
  15. V

    YouTube Software, send 680 friend request a day

    target your audience, scrape the usernames, then do a friend request. I have 3 accounts and send 2000+ friend request a day can send new request every 30sec-60sec I added 6500 friends in 3 weeks on my main account over 5000 views on some of my top videos added in last 2 weeks
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