1. saulop

    How these guys posting porn on FB without blur and linking to affiliate site?

    some profiles are posting porn in public facebook groups, their links go to affiliate sites or real sites, the image show full porn without restricions, but how? lol My print for example - NSFW ALERT - print
  2. K

    Promotional codes

    Hello everyone! Since my team is setting our affiliate project on track, we keep on launching new features that can help our publishers grow and increase their income. Our last feature was launching a tool that helps our affiliates to create a request to generate an individual promo code. They...
  3. K

    The best affiliate platforms with soft offers

    Hello everyone! Please, advise me on the best platforms where I can find soft offers with profitable payouts! I am interested in the geos like US, UK and Germany.
  4. S


    Hello guys,i need a YOUTUBE LIVESTREAM VIEWERBOT FOR 2-3K+ current views we will discuss the price contact me pls on telegram @suresoin or if u dont have tg write an email or skype below thanks a lot
  5. tcod3r

    Softs for this board

    Hi there! Sorry please, if this topic is placed in incorrect category. In my introduction i said that i want to make some tools for members of this forums for free. Introduction topic is closed, so i want to continue asking you here. Please, guys, let me know what kind of products you need...
  6. EmailBoss

    Hey everyone from Russia!

    Hey. I've been doing spam for 1 year. In this short time, I've learned different directions. I also got a good income, which allowed me to quit my main job (I am a programmer). I created my own channel in telegram. I sell software for e-mail mailings in Russia. I work with many partner...
  7. L

    Is There A Society6 Botnet and Soft To Like & Comment Arts with it?

    I'm wondering, if such a soft exists and for sale. I'd like to have soft where I can upload a list of login/pass pairs for 100-1000 S6 accounts and make each of them like and comment arts from a given list of urls. Maybe also soft that will register these accounts at first. Does anything like...
  8. B

    Program for finding expired web 2.0's that allows Affiliate selling?

    Hi people. I was trying to find another web 2.0 finder except WEB 2.0 Sniper to compare them and make a review but i could not find any other program that allows Affiliates So if such exist can someone point me in the right direction?
  9. Heroooo

    hello i want get this soft marketing boot

    -hello i want get this soft marketing boot to get many data from facebook or many shocil midaie or send sms by whatsappthis isdata is : phone - name - emil - country and more name this soft : AM Controls . want Purchase the soft bot original version . Who supports the program Original ØŸ
  10. N

    Any software for seo? Full software

    Who know a good software for seo? I need a full software not trial and free... who knows one please give me a link. Tnx.
  11. P

    What is the Best Emailing Software to send Newsletter?

    What is the Best Emailing Software to send HTML Newsletter? Thanks
  12. P

    Do you know a software to remove duplicate emails from a list?

    >>Do you know a software or a tool to remove duplicate emails from a list?
  13. TapTapper

    4GB video/MP3 Player for $25

    If you're in the US the Big Lots warehouse chain has a 4GB Emerson MP3 player, 1.5" screen for $25 until Oct 17. I got a couple today and one is charging now. The store I went to today had stacks of them on pegs in the electrioncs section NO it's not an iPod or a Zune or Sansa or whatever...
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