social network automation

  1. M

    Account Creator Bot for Reddit

    As part of a long-term project, we are looking for the collaboration of a professional capable of developing a bot for creating accounts on Reddit that is later scalable to other social networks such as IG or Twitter. As part of your job, you will also need to make recommendations and offer...
  2. lucky.sparks

    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    In my previous journeys, 1. ✅ scaling to $200/day or $5000/month 2. ✅ scaling to $300/day or $10000/month I was able to scale up to 10k/month in passive income selling various CPA offers on social media using bots that I have built myself. I still have an open journey thread where I will show...
  3. Q

    Is there a social auto-publishing tool I can use

    Hi all, I've been using "Later" to schedule posts, but recently heard about Mass Planner. Is their any way to use it after they've closed? if not, is there any similar service I can use? Thanks!
  4. C

    Is there a bot to Automate social network activity?

    I am doing online reputation management or a couple individuals, so I need to constantly update the social networks. I know there are applications that will schedule posting. I am also looking for applications that Automate activity such as comments and likes on social networks like LinkedIn...
  5. 4

    Fastest Way to Spread News Across Social Media

    Could anyone please provide any suggestions, step by step guide, or tools that will work best to spread news across social media fast? I know this may sound like a very general question so allow me to provide an example: If starting from ground zero (no blogs and just a few personal social media...
  6. C

    Switching User Agents in Firefox to fake mobile/tablet traffic

    I'm strengthening my social network campaigns which are running on imacros and firefox on PC (Win7). Since most users nowadays are using mobile and tablets, I'd like my accounts to blend in by faking the use of mobile and tablets. Firefox has an add on called User Agent Switcher to simulate...
  7. T

    How or where can i get free instagram likes?

    I wondered if there are any sites like gramliker, instarobot, or gramhoot or even instabutler that are still working and that can provide me likes fast and free i will award anybody who can provide me with a USEFUL alternative with a copy of my private instagram bot that creates accounts likes...
  8. O

    Is there any way to hack facebook likes.

    I need a lot of facebook likes. I have seen people supplying 1000s of likes for pennies.. How are they doing that?? and i would like to learn to do that... Is there any one who is able to tell me how??. thanks in advance....
  9. bdooley930

    Anyone Have a Working Tumblr Bot?

    Would love to hear what everyone is using and what works and what doesnt. I have used everyone I have found and they all work sometimes but never when I need them to, lately anyway.