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Oct 6, 2020
In my previous journeys,

1. ✅ scaling to $200/day or $5000/month
2. ✅ scaling to $300/day or $10000/month

I was able to scale up to 10k/month in passive income selling various CPA offers on social media using bots that I have built myself. I still have an open journey thread where I will show how to use a dead method to scale up to $1k/day using youtube, but that differs a lot from what I do on my main income source, so that is more like a side journey, not my main focus.

The current timeline looks somewhat of this.

As DeStorm likes to say "another day, another challenge."

So now I want to push my setup even further, finally add new channels and try to optimize my setup even more and hopefully push to 20k/month by end of July.

Here you can see how optimizing only a single channel can bring a huge difference in traffic and earnings.


As you can see, there are still a lot of drops in my income and that is because I use a way oversaturated channel which is full of spam already. In this forum, it's considered a dead one, haha. I guess I'm a dead method necromancer then. :rolleyes: :D


I got my monthly costs down as low as -$360/month. so from last month's revenue of $10828.40, it's almost all profit.

Plans for this month:

1. Get done with old tasks:
- Finish funnel part with collecting emails/numbers from leads.
- add at least one big social site to my setup - Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Tinder.

2. Add new optimizations and traffic sources
- Optimize how and when my bots work regarding of timezones
- Add a way to collect push notification subscribers to send followups for possible leads
- Add at least 3 new traffic channels, I still rely only on one channel, and if it goes down...
- Find a way to monetize Tier 3 traffic, as adult CPA pays shit for them

Obviously, I have to work on my youtube journey as well, but it's pretty passive and I have to age my cookies/accounts before real work will start.

Let's do this.

Here, have some of my work music.



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In my setup, on average, 1 account earns 20$/month or $0.65/day. so for 20k/month - 1000 accounts.

I'm now warming up 25k Twitter accounts, 10k Instagram accounts, and 9k youtube accounts.

wow, that's a lot, so it's possible to create all those accounts without phone verification challenges if you use clean enough IPs with zero fingerprint browser/requests?
I'm now warming up 25k Twitter accounts, 10k Instagram accounts, and 9k youtube accounts.
I think the trick is that with one google gmail you can create several yt channels, as well as twitter accounts. for IG accounts, i dont have any idea!

9k yt channels at 50 per gmail, would be 450 gmail accounts, which is cheap as I can get 1 sim card for $0.90 and 1 sim card can be used for several gmail accounts (i think 3-5), so the set up is VERY NICE!
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