social media exchange

  1. X

    Best Social Media Exchange for Twitter Followers? [May 2018]

    Hi, I'm looking for the 'best' Social Media Exchange for Twitter Followers. For now I tried: - Addmefast: Points are used very slowly - FollowLike: Same like Addmefast - Youlikehits: Got many followers using this site but looks like most active users already followed me; at least I'm getting...
  2. R

    need a social media exchange bot

    I need a bot for those dam social media exchange sites like addmefast i dont care which site it is as long as i can get alot alot of points thanks
  3. R


    hey ive been using traffic exchange sites but i can only get 300 views cuz it takes for ever to get points on those sites how can i get more views on my videos by cheating the system? 1. please tell me how to get more points on social media exchange websites 2. please tell me a good social...
  4. R

    need a way to get youtube views

    ik yt monster but that website takes a while to get credits I need a website to get youtube views please help I don't wanna sell them just wanna bot 800 views per video please please help
  5. R

    how to get unlimited social media exchange points/minutes

    just wanna know how to get unlimted points on social media exchanges site like yt monster hit leap any of them as long as I can get yt views with them if u can not answer this question can u tell me another way to get youtube views without buying them (yt bots with proxies don't work)
  6. xpression50

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 free Credits 4 all BHW Members / new Social Exchange

    I have started a new Exchange for Social Signals and want to give 1000 Credits to all BHW Members to fill the new page with campaigns so that other users have something to click and earn Credits. 1. Signup for the new Exchange 2. Post your new Exchange-Username here 3. Receive 1000 Credits 4...
  7. LiquidOCELOT

    EnhanceViews Bot not working for me Help!

    Hi there BHW community members, i wanna run the Enhanceviews bot in the background, i am talking about the software that they provide but it wont work for me may be because Youtube is banned in my country so i use Zenmate this is only reason i can think of it says wrong Youtube id for collecting...
  8. LiquidOCELOT

    Help for getting Addmefast/like4like alternative for getting YT subs with bot as well

    Please give me alternative for amf/l4l for getting youtube subs without subbing to any one, also if you could give me a bot too with it i am using youlikehits bot but the conversion of points to subs ratio is too low its as if there is no use for it, please help me out i am desperately looking...
  9. T

    New to BHW! Saying and hello and I need help

    Greetings everyone, I am really new to many of the concepts I am reading here. The ones I have been in the dark about are using macros and social media exchange sites to gain social media likes and followers etc. I thought I was bright. Apparently, I am not. If someone could explain the...
  10. groundfalling

    Top Seven Social Media Exchange Sites

    I had shared a list of addmefast alternatives a while back: since than the numbers have changed and i was searching for new alternatives so i found these recent top sites for free social media exchange, might be helpful for some.
  11. B

    Best sites to get royalty free images?

    Hello guys, I'm not sure if this has been asked before and sorry If it has but I couldn't find my answer when searching on here. I'm looking for the best sites that have royalty free images "no monthly charges or charges on single images" that I can use on clients blog sites and social media...
  12. M

    [hire] i need all social boost's!! Yt views, fb likes, twitter followers etc!!!

    i recently set up a small micro job's site for social media boost's the site is in beta testing and i need you!! if you can provide: * youtube views *facebook likes *twitter followers or anything to do with social media come advertise you service free on my site!! start your prices from $1...
  13. BlackHatKnight

    [Need Help] I want create social media exchange website

    What is the best social media exchange script and WHY? Onshore hosting or Offshore hosting and WHY? Shared hosting or VPS hosting or ..... and WHY? Is there any information or details I need to know before creating this kind of website? Q-WHY I am creating social media exchange website if I...
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