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  1. P

    When can you start with social signals and social bookmarking?

    Hi BHW Members, Iam in this position where i would like a big boost for my Youtube videos. Im making videos for youtube since 5 weeks from now and i got barely any views. My title, thumbnail, description and tags are all very well put together. I want to rank my videos for more views but the...
  2. B

    What are the main reason to get my website on google's first page? 2015

    Hi, I would like to promote my micro job freelancing site on internet, but how does this google first page method works? Is it should I have more Social Bookmarks, PR Backlinks, or etc... I don't have much idea about different types of backlinks, it would be great if someone helps me explain...
  3. vision2003

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  4. innosoft

    Ultimate BookmarkR - Powerful Social Bookmarking Tool = 30+ Powerful Features

    Reviews So Far!!!!!! [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] NOTE: Introduced ONE CLICK ACCOUNT CREATOR and Ability To View and & Export Accounts (07/10/2014) We are Very Happy to Announce our 3rd Software!! Trial Version Available on Request! (Fully Functional 3 Day Trial.. Limitation: You cant...
  5. I

    Rank a site with social signals only?

    So my question is can you rank a site with social signals only? Like facebook share, twitter tweets, g+ shares, etc. I have been through some threads, backlinks are obviously important, but what role do social signals play in SEO. Thanks guys.
  6. randybishop

    How much will Google punish me for this?

    I have 200 spammy social bookmarks backlinking to my money site (a dumb mistake, I know). How much will Google punish me for this you think?
  7. ZevenHoland

    Youtube + Clickbank Journey -- Nooby Working Hard!

    Hi guys, welcome to my nooby journey about YT+CB. (any help is welcome) First of all sorry for my english, I will try to explain as best I can. (if you want you can give me advice in Spanish) I've been following this forum a little time and i think that its time to work hard. I started work on...
  8. IamBlackhatter

    Simple whitehat SEO solutions for 55$

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  9. N

    How to make these social bookmarks public

    I spent hours on these sites but unable to find a setting to make my bookmarks to be displayed to the public. bibsonomy - the profile page is show up but none of the bookmarks are displayed. reddit - it return page not found message. delicious - I guess that this one is not possible to be...
  10. youssfy

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  11. BigFatWallet

    [Giveaway] 100 Social Bookmarking Submissions with Unlimited Anchors for One Member Daily

    Hi, I am giving away 100 Social Bookmarking submissions to unique bookmarking sites each day. (1 url and unlimited kws) So, simply post here "I'm in" and I will select a member daily (I'll PM the person who gets the freebie daily) IMPORTANT - All requests via PM will be ignored, post here if...
  12. R4Z0rA07

    Can Anybody Share a List of High PR Web 2.0 | Social Bookmarking | Status Updates Sites.

    Hi, As the title states, Can anybody share a list of Active (in terms of google crawling) and High PR web 2.0, Social Bookmarking sites and Status update sites and other similar stuffs. I have searched the forum and got several lists from old threads, But would want to know your say on the...
  13. azguru

    Tier 2 Kings Let Us Intensify the Power of Your Backlinks!

    FAQ How many URL?s and keywords can I use? Each package has a different limit on how many URLs you can use. We do not limit your keywords. Keep in mind that the more URLs you provide, the more you dilute the links, so make your decisions accordingly. Is this service only for Tier 2 sites...
  14. jox51

    AI Ghost Social Bookmarking - Improved now Including Wiki Links - Reliable and Proven

    PRICING: Simple GHOST: 14.95 CLICK HERE to order ( basic - no features ) AI GHOST: 24.95 CLICK HERE to order ( or on image ad - fully featured) Lindexed FREE ( by default on ( simple + advanced incl.) ***Wiki Post Option is FREE for very Limited Time**** Select the Wiki Option on the Wufoo...
  15. ofuture

    Best Social Bookmarking Services Manual Work Drip Feed Unlimited URLs & Keywords!

  16. Hinkys

    [GIVEAWAY] 150-300 Social Bookmarks & BHW Fiverr special deal

    So here is my first giveaway. I bought Ultimate Demon about a week ago and I decided to give out somebacklinks to BHW. I'm also using it to do Fiverr gigs, only social bookmarks for now. If you want to help me out, leave me a positive review, just PM me and I'll give You a special deal for my...
  17. azguru

    [CASE STUDY] Evaluating the Power of Social Monkee 2.0 and Social Bookmarks

    With SEO being what it is today, it is hard to fully gauge the effects of any link building method unless you run a case study using ONLY that method. That being said, I have had a Social Monkee Premium account sitting around for quite some time. For those of you who aren't familiar with Social...
  18. grantrux

    [GET] 50 Free Social Bookmarks for 10 BHW Users

    In recognition of the fine IM'ers and SEO's that make this forum the best place on line to learn and develop your skills, my self and Boydie are giving away 10 sets of 50 Social Bookmarks! All you need to do to get 50 free Social bookmarks is post on this thread. On Wednesday the 13th of June...
  19. T


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