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  1. O

    i created a Facebook group called "Tell me a design you want on a t-shirt" and i want some help

    so I created this group to help people that facing the problem of not finding what they need (custom designs that they want on t-shirts, stickers, etc...) so anybody can request their own design and I can afford it for him on any type of product he wants. I think the idea is cool, but I want...
  2. N

    My Facebook Group won't load Members Requests, Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Hi BHW friends, I have facebook group and got couple requests from people to join my group but when I go to the section of members requests it simply won't load. I have tried using different account and different browser same thing is happening. If anyone has faced this issue I would be really...
  3. S

    I promote apps on Instagram but i want to do more

    Hey guys i hope you’re all doing okay well i work with the plug and i promote apps on my Instagram account but it’s not enough because i want to promote on other platforms but i don’t have the autorisation so i wanted to know if someone downloaded my app from my link but it wasn’t from Instagram...
  4. cartierbaby


    hi! im a newbie and thought i should introduce myself. i am interested in being big on social media, i like makeup, 2000s fashion, and overall just 2000s aesthetic!! i dont know much about this site yet, but i would love to learn more. leave any advice, or whatever you want please!
  5. Nancy224

    My Facebook and Instagram biographies were aimlessly impaired on Friday morning, I have submitted prayers for both. What are my coming way?

    Early Friday morning, I woke up, opened the Facebook app on my phone, and was saluted with the screen saying my account has been impaired, and that"the decision is final". My Instagram account is linked with my Facebook profile, and by extension it's also impaired. I have submitted prayers on...
  6. aditiii789

    How do you view someone's Twitter followers without an account?

    Also there is no search optionn available on Twitter, is there way to make searching a user in list easy?
  7. aditiii789

    How can I distinguish fake accounts from real ones on Twitter?

    Give some suggestion
  8. Nextsmm

    increase instagram followers

    What do you think about increase followers, or get likes and comments on your instagram. How can you do this?
  9. Russian Dissident

    How many posts can you make in Reddit ?

    Hello everyone! Question about Reddit . How many posts can I post per day in different groups? Not spam, without links, on the topic of the group, posts are different... Just to raise karma ... Are there any restrictions so as not to catch a shadow ban ?
  10. A

    [Please Read ] Questions to start social media - money making compaign

    Hello everyone . I am new member and would love to ask you certain questions on how to start expirementing on how to make money using social media . I know enough to act but i need to fix some obstacles . 1- what do you advice me to do to increase the rate of CPA approval request ( OGAD ect )...
  11. K

    Make money with Instagram?

    Hey BHW members, first sorry for my bad english I've been spend very much time with Instagram in the past weeks, also i have read a lot of Instagram journeys on this Forum. I was inspired and wanted to start Instagram marketing by myself. For now i have Instagram Bot Good proxies Ipv4 and Ipv6...
  12. KittyTheArchitect

    Best ways to get interaction on Instagram for Architects & Designers

    Hi We are currently working on improving our Instagram strategy to gain more engagement from prospects. What would you expect from or advise a small UK residential architecture firm to share (other than great design) on Instagram? Like content ideas for posts and stories? I am keen to hear...
  13. Sardi


    I am planning to get to the smm business but I don't know which panels are good for a reseller, can somebody recommend any? Please?
  14. Kairos Vardoger

    WebTalk or MarketHive?

    Alright, so in my journey of finding new forums and other social sites to get in contact with other like-minded people, I found out about 2 GREAT PLATFORMS that you should all know about! 1. WebTalk 2. MarketHive WEBTALK: WebTalk is in my eyes the best platform to work with if you are into...
  15. A

    Newbie here: looking advice

    Hi guys, I'm amazed with all the knowledge available in the forums, but also a little confused. Very new to this so apologies if these questions have already been asked (happy to be linked to the corresponding forum if they have) :). Questions: 1) How can I make money from social media...
  16. L

    Need Jarvee Automation help (2k/project potentially recurring)

    I know the account is new, but I've been reading this forum since it led me to scrapebox years ago. I run a marketing/lead gen company and we just landed a client that needs an entire office full of agents social media automated. Not because they are lazy, but because they are clueless about...
  17. C

    Twitter users that can be messaged directly

    Hello, first post here and im new to this I am a computer engineer and not a marketer directly, I am trying to gauge the market here and see whats in demand for people who want to market stuff In Twitter there is an option to let people get dmed without them needing to follow you Would...
  18. S

    Methods for cheaper Facebook ads ?

    Hi everyone ,Newbie here. Are there any tips and tricks to makes Facebook ads cheap. Any advice to help me drive traffic to my website without loosing so much money in Facebook ads. I asked so much people and no one helped me so hopefully I'm in the right place.
  19. D

    I Have 2.2 million Traffic with 13 million Impressions on my pinterest just 2 month

    I generate 2.2 million Traffic with 13 million Impressions on my pinterest just 2 month but i dont have more sells so how can make more money by using and weight loss my niche and my niche grow german and france bse
  20. crystalwiz

    Influencer Marketing vs Traditional social media ads

    Hey guys, So I am thinking about this in terms of which of them is best for you, in your EXPERIENCE. Please consider cost/profit, stressful/less stressful, targetting/actual reach, and % of average SALES you made at each instance of any or both of these two comparable marketing strategies...