1. SerjioSerjio

    Not getting views in Snapchat Spotlight and asking for help

    Hello there! I'm trying to upload videos into Snapchat Spotlight on USA geo sitting in Europe. And that's how it goes now: I do upload videos on it through my snapchat account and everything is OK: i'v getting 2-3 thousands of views per video. But then I buy old snapchat acc, use USA proxy...
  2. Castle770

    Adult smartlink in snapchat story

    Hii there, Anybody who have worked with this... Can you tell me what is more profitable in snapchat story ? Cam smartlink or dating smartlink? They will have to definitly sign-up on dating site but no guarantee if they will sign-up on cam site. What do you guys think Is better to use? I know...
  3. K

    Any snapchat profiles for sharing?

    Im a newbie in this forum but ive been focusing on adult dating smartlink by using snapchat but I want to find some profiles to share my profile to. Anyone willing can pm me :)
  4. Immorra

    How to add link in Snapchat?

    Hello guys! Im need to add my website in story snapcat. Open Snapchat and take a Snap as normal. Over on the right you’ll see a little paper clip icon; tap it. But when im publishing it and open this post in another phone im swiping up and see chat with me, but not my site... What am I doing...
  5. karalis1

    Road To 150$ a day: Instagram + Snapchat Journey

    Hi guys i'm finally starting a new journey on social network, last time i did one it was pretty succesfull BUT i run out of funds after 2 months, and since i had my finish grade exams i had to give up for a while. Since i'm probably getting a scholarship which is pretty much a prize for my hard...
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