sms verification

  1. R

    looking for sms receive provider

    i need to sms receive provider platform to receive verification text of instagram, twitter, facebook. if you have one, please tell me your website link. the price is around $0.015usd per receiving text . or lower prices. Thanks
  2. winchesterpic

    WTB: reliable phone verification service

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a reliable phone verification service that will work with gmail, instagram, facebook... pretty much anything. I do have actual physical phone numbers but they get too expensive to buy over time, I also had my own methods in the past but they've been patched. I've...
  3. A

    I am looking to a SMS/PHONE verification provider

    Hi everyone, I am looking to a SMS/PHONE verification provider. In order to verify Gmail accounts. It will be great if a company is that offers multiple countries. Thanks in advance.
  4. winchesterpic

    Help! SMS Verification

    (If this is posted in the wrong section, please move it) Hello everyone, I'm struggling with Instagram SMS verification. I know there are tons of websites where you can receive SMS for free, or virtual mobile number services like pinger, but unfortunately they all don't work anymore. Do you...
  5. winchesterpic

    Need: SMS Verification Method / Numbers for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    Hello, I'm looking for a SMS verification method for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (I already have a phone verification method, so please only post about text verification) I don't want to buy prepaid sim Cards or PVA Accounts, I'm really looking for a method here. (I got already plenty...
  6. B

    virtual phone number to verify Expresscoin

    I am looking for place to buy a virtual phone number that will work to verify Expresscoin via SMS verification.
  7. W

    [New Year Gift] Free Sms verification

    Happy New Year to you all. As a well known provider of Sms verifications for all websites including PayPal, Craiglist and any other strict sms verification process, I have a New Year gift for 3 lucky members every week. I will give free verification to 3 lucky members each week. This offer...
  8. L

    Virtual SMS services to receive SMS verification online?

    So a lot of people, including my self, would rather not give their personal mobile number to websites that require SMS verification. There's an old post with some services but that list is outdated. Do you guys know of any online service's that allow you to receive SMS online for this purpose...
  9. B

    Easy way to verify account with SMS

    Hello, I am hitting a brick wall, when trying to verify a number of accounts using sms verification, maybe in part that I have to find a provider in the following crounties: Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany. All the methods I know are for different countries like US, or UK mostly. I did...
  10. M

    Need USA phone number for verifying voice or SMS codes

    Hi, I'm looking for a USA phone number for voice call or SMS verification. I try some free services like Pinger, IpKall. I can't use some VOIP numbers and also can't use prepaid mobile numbers & toll free numbers. I want know your free & premium solutions and I can pay for good solutions. Thanks.