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    SMS Marketing

    Hi, We are interested to start sending SMS messages to new and existing clients. Wanted to ask the forum for a recommendation for a good bulk SMS marketing platform. Thanks in advance.
  2. rajib000

    Where i can find us number database?

    I want to do sms marketing. So i need number. Where i can find us number database for Free? • i have let's email extractor- but it scrape number very slowly.
  3. sercilo

    SMS Marketing Management – Data monetization

    SMS marketing lets brands connect with customers in a way we’ve never seen before. SMS marketing is becoming a proven, viable revenue channel for online businesses. - 20-30% click-through rates; - Conversion rates from 2-7%; - 99% open rates; - 90% of the text messages are read in the first 3...
  4. neverlackin360

    Looking for a SMS marketing program with a very generous free trial

    Hello BHW, I'm looking into getting started with sms marketing. If you know of any sites that allow a few hundred messages to be sent during the free trial let me know or if you know how to send bulk sms for free also let me know thank you
  5. _BlackFish

    [JOURNEY] My SMS Marketing Journey + Introduction (+AMA?)

    Hello BHW, Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is _BlackFish, and I'm a huge time lurker. The past few years I've been very heavily involved in the world of DNMs and the DN in general. Since then, I've moved away from pure (super) black hat stuff, and have moved towards more gray...
  6. rxbux

    RXbux Pharmacy Affiliate Program. Earn up to 45% per order.

    Join RXBUX now to start earning money today! We are looking for webmasters with any European traffic (sms, email, SEO...) for our pharmacy affiliate program. We already work 10 years on this market. In the past we used to work as private affiliate program. Our benefits: Progressive...
  7. beastkay

    JV - Looking for someone who have OTT Service and wants to promote it using my data.

    Hey BHWers, Coming straight to the point, I've cell phone numbers of the guys who are using Netflix right now so all I was thinking to promote an OTT service (alternative of netflix) to them on a really cheap price in comparison to Netflix which going to make the conversions on a higher rate...
  8. fmbaba01

    Anyone doing sms marketing to kuwait?

    As the subject implies, is anyone doing sms marketing to kuwait? like to ask few questions.
  9. beastkay

    Sending Bulk SMS to USA will make you pay?

    Hey BHW'ers I've good amount of data which I want to use to market my adult websites. Was thinking to do it via zapier! Is it a good idea? or not? Do we have any other cheap way via zapier it's costing me around - $0.005 per sms and $0.015/mms Also I've received a no from some of the...
  10. D

    !!! Looking for Bulk SMS sender/API UK and NL !!!

    I am looking for a good site or API which allows me to send bulk SMS that arrive. It is for messages to numbers from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The last provider I used was not even able to send 80 messages. I am looking for a provider which allows me to send 1K-10K. Im looking for...
  11. P


    Hello, I need someone that can create a software for me to send large volume of SMS per day about 50k that allows a link. PM me with your rates.
  12. cdn_craigs

    [HELP] Need a SMS Marketing Provider - for my customer list

    hi I have been emailing all my customers but since email open rates suck, i wanted to try SMS marketing as I have all their numbers which they opted into when purchasing my product. CAN ANYONE SUGGEST AN APP OR SERVICE FOR SMS MARKETING TO YOUR CUSTOMER LIST?