sms bulk messaging

  1. Adivertising

    Bulk SMS sender app for android

    Preferably it imports CSV file, and has variable text fields to send personalized messages (mentioning their name and other fields, found in CSV columns)
  2. KHR

    Bulk SMS API & Number Provide

    Hello, Can you suggest me Bulk SMS Service Provide, that Provides: 1. Geo Long Number (123-321-1234) 2. Incoming/Outgoing Calls & SMS. 3. SMS API for Autoresponder. Receive SMS & Reply to that SMS. 4. No Limitations & Low Cost. I see many service provider but not getting the desired service...
  3. U

    Homeowners phone leads in Georgia SMS looking to monetize

    I can do a lot of visitors on the home remodeling/construction Visitors will visit the partner sites and make phone calls to a specified number. Region - USA. (Atlanta) Homeowners Traffic Sources - SMS marketing. I am looking for an affiliate program on this. Offers - in PM, please
  4. F

    Are ultra specific Mobile Phone leads valuable?

    So Looking around forum to forum I noticed that when people are selling lists of numbers they are doing so in bulk (usually hundreds of thousands sometimes millions) and at a pretty low price (usually 1000 numbers for $10 or less). I have a list of numbers and a consistent method by which to...
  5. R

    Looking for bulk SMS marketing for small business (black hat-scraped numbers)

    Hello everyone. I am very new to all things black hat so sorry if something I say does not make 100% sense. One of my business directions is escort photography and I want to do an SMS campaign to numbers (more or less targeted) that are scraped from escort directories etc similar websites. I got...
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