Are ultra specific Mobile Phone leads valuable?


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Aug 24, 2014
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So Looking around forum to forum I noticed that when people are selling lists of numbers they are doing so in bulk (usually hundreds of thousands sometimes millions) and at a pretty low price (usually 1000 numbers for $10 or less). I have a list of numbers and a consistent method by which to harvest numbers but it cannot generate anywhere near to that kind of volume and will ultimately max out at several thousand (unless I put a large amount of effort in). The difference is that my method guarantees that all numbers are valid, have the owners first name (maybe last name as well), the area that they live in and even their interests. So my question is this. Does this make my leads valuable? Or should I stop applying this method because I will never acquire a number of leads significant enough to make me any money?

Thanks :)

PS all of the numbers I have are UK ones. Does this increase or decrease value? thanks again!
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I'm thinking to sell my leads too, i can get 100 leads per day with full information name, address and credit bureau stats . Well this leads came from bank i hope someone will be interested to buy my leads
any particular demographic for the russian leads?
If you are still active and have leads for sale PM me or sk y pe: richymase
If you are still active and sell the phone leads send me PM or sk y pe: richymase
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