sms application

  1. Great ruler

    Looking mobile numbers for SMS verification all social media accounts

    Email and Social media accounts verification purpose If any seller here ping me

    SMS Marketing

    Hi, We are interested to start sending SMS messages to new and existing clients. Wanted to ask the forum for a recommendation for a good bulk SMS marketing platform. Thanks in advance.
  3. T

    SMS verification service that number can be reused?

    I know of services that do the twitter sms verification codes. But the number is 1 time use only. Im looking for a service where the number is good for atleast 24 hours. Incase twitter ask for a reverification.
  4. imonboss

    SMSPVA Alternatives

    Hey Blackhattian, I am looking for smspva alternative as smspva does not offer Australian phone numbers. Do you guys know any free to paid option for getting AU numbers. Your answers will be appreciated. Thanks. imonboss
  5. bitcoin32

    Temporary Italian number free

    Where to find temporary italian number free to verify ?
  6. D

    !!! Looking for Bulk SMS sender/API UK and NL !!!

    I am looking for a good site or API which allows me to send bulk SMS that arrive. It is for messages to numbers from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The last provider I used was not even able to send 80 messages. I am looking for a provider which allows me to send 1K-10K. Im looking for...
  7. Momentena

    Virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR?

    Is there any good and reliable virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR? Preferably XMR. I am starting my journey and need a separate phone number that I can operate on.
  8. F

    SMS Chat Bot / Using my personal cell phone #

    I'm currently using TextIt w/ a Twilio number for a chatbot I created. It's cool, but I'd like to use my personal Verizon phone # instead -- I've got an unlimited data plan. Anyone know how I could do this? I don't want to trunk my number with Twilio -- that would mean leaving Verizon. I...
  9. S

    SMS Robot - Mass Sender - JV Wanted

    For the last 2 years I have developed a web based SMS marketing product. We have been incredibly successful on social media with it. I am considering opening it to a select group of power users interested in using it on a JV basis. There are currently 2 ways to auto respond. You can write a...
  10. wasif

    Web Based SMS Marketing Application

    Dear members and friends, I am developing a web based SMS marketing product and its been more than 8 months that my team is working hard on it. Its now almost at the final stage of development and we are giving it a final shape. Here I need suggestions what features and modules should I add more...