sms api

  1. dillywilly

    Need to rent US phones 1 number/each state preferably virtual numbers ? need ur input thanks

    Hello im putting a work campaign together and im wondering if theres a way i can rent virtual clean phone numbers for SMS / auto responder campaign. I need 1 number per state with local area code? so total of 50 numbers any services out there that exist or a CRM panel? ill be handling roughly...
  2. YellowGrizzly – SMS VERIFICATIONS SERVICES I BUY A NUMBER FOR YouTube ➡KakaoTalk ➡FB ➡ Instagram ➡FB ➡ Telegram ➡ Tik-T...

    Link to the service: The SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms" offers customers to buy bulk virtual phone numbers to register accounts on any of the popular platforms. The site supports receiving sms via api, which allows you to complete bulk account registration in the...
  3. Uroperon

    How can I use my SIM cards to start SMS receive service?

    I wanted to know how to rent my extra SIM cards to provide SMS receive services. I might have an app where I will use my SIM card numbers, users can use those numbers to send messages there and my app will share the messages received. I would appreciate a guideline or tutorial if you have any...
  4. serpento131313

    LA mobiole numbers for sms marketing

    * first post Guys Ive got sms gateway and im looking for a Los Angeles based mobile numbers to send them SMS marketing I was wondering if there are any resources you could share with me ? Thanks its pleasure to be here with you
  5. C

    Free or cheap sms API FOR website

    Please, am looking for a cheap sms API for website And i want a platform that can send to the international mobile number Please, which site can you recommend that is affordable and accept an individual plan that I can integrate on my website easily?
  6. R

    Need Bulk Sms sender

    Please suggest me where can i get bulk sms sender.
  7. Frukt

    SMS.CITY - SMS Spoofer | Great for marketing | Custom SenderID | 170+ COUNTRIES | API for developers | SMS arrives within seconds

    Welcome to SMS.CITY sales thread Dive into the world of SMS Marketing with us! We will help you get started quickly, you are just a few minutes away from sending your first SMS with a custom Sender ID! Contact: Telegram: KeyBusiness Discord: Business#2375 Skype...
  8. Yupwork

    Twilio sms forward Number Phone That I can use for Long Terms

    Hello BHW I need phone number that can receive incoming SMS " and call if possible " From PayPal, Amazon, Google, and use it to receive Costumer Message, and Forward this incoming SMS To my phone. Ex: If I receive SMS from Google on my Virtual number +44111111111, It should Forward this message...
  9. flashsites

    Private SMS Providers for (Fetlife and Telegram) ?

    Hi are there any private SMS Ver providers who can offer cheap sms ver for Fetlife and Telegram?
  10. H

    How do I get money from SIM cards and GSM model?

    I have many sim cards and GSM module M26.What's the ideal to get money from this?
  11. Q

    PVA service

    Looking for a service for receiving SMS (PVA). For verification by SMS, my accounts. Only USA real numbers! minimum from 50 numbers per day! Write your contacts in PM, we will discuss.
  12. MidnightRambo

    Sms Verification Problem

    Hey Guys, hope you are all well. I have a little Problem and i'm sure one of you can help me out. I need a german sms verification from Whatsapp (or austria, switzerland, netherland). Normally i use Getsmscode for this kind of purpose but they don't offer these numbers. Therefore i switched...
  13. D

    loking for sms-api with custom sender id

    Hello who can help with sms source can accept custem sender id ? Thank You.
  14. D

    !!! Looking for Bulk SMS sender/API UK and NL !!!

    I am looking for a good site or API which allows me to send bulk SMS that arrive. It is for messages to numbers from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The last provider I used was not even able to send 80 messages. I am looking for a provider which allows me to send 1K-10K. Im looking for...
  15. lteboost

    SMS PV service - BETA

    Hi guys! We are a well-known CIS team of programmers and spammers - LTEBOOST We are opening a beta test of our new SMS service! We have more than 183 countries available! We will be able to add to any website We have: - Сomfortableweb site - API - Individual conditions for Resellers and big...
  16. D

    Bulk text messaging SMS

    I am looking for a way to send bulk text messages (SMS) to Belgium mobile phone numbers. Do you know a cheap way to do this? The sites i came across were very expensive for the service. The cheapest i have found now is €0.0801 per SMS. But this is still way to expensive, because i need to be...
  17. KJREDDY247@

    Send Unlimited SMS FOR FREE: How does these things works Exactly?

    I am not promoting these there might be 100's of sites like these, but I am really curious how these things work exactly, any one of our members build something like this in here?
  18. F

    SMS Chat Bot / Using my personal cell phone #

    I'm currently using TextIt w/ a Twilio number for a chatbot I created. It's cool, but I'd like to use my personal Verizon phone # instead -- I've got an unlimited data plan. Anyone know how I could do this? I don't want to trunk my number with Twilio -- that would mean leaving Verizon. I...
  19. B

    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    I'm open for all kinds of suggestions (creative ways of monetizing it, SMS Softwares, CPA's, whatever) If we get to a good solution - after I use it - i will share the contact list on this thread. chin-chin!
  20. 583778856

    buy wechat accs

    hey who offer wechat accs can u pm me or who offer phone numbers service good luck everyone here;