1. Prototype127

    Instagram Mass DM vs Facebook Mass DM (My experience)

    Mass DM on social media platforms is always a big and not an easy task to do! Although there are now Mass DM service available which are really expensive as well as there is no define audience on mass DM also the profiles through which the DM's are shooted seems to be fake as they have zero...

    Why this kind of lower rate for online services?

    Take at least $200 per month.. :weep: what kind of company hire smm to manage their online presence for such a lower rate? This is why the standard of smm and seo is going down.. what do you think?
  3. WhoIsDaPro

    smm-bomb legit or scam?

    Hello everyone I would like to ask the experts out there to please tell me if this SMM panel (hxxps:// Is either legit or scam? Thanks - WhoIsDaPro
  4. DigitalFame

    ⚡⚡| Thousands of Services | PayPal Enabled | Quick Support | All Social Media Platforms |

    TikTok Followers - Starting @ $1.127/k TikTok Likes - Starting @ $0.8503/k Instagram Followers - Starting @ $0.3132/k Instagram Likes - Starting @ $0.1635/k YouTube Subscribers - Starting @ $4.1713 Over 4k services to choose from Test balances given to BHW users only! After registering on the...
  5. marsgibson

    Convert Your WordPress Site To SMM Panel

    Hello Everyone I am here to offer a free review of my thread's main Package In my Package I'll Integrate your SMM Panel with Woocommerce / Wordpress site via special SMM Script and then you will be able to receive & send orders directly to your SMM Panel through your Website Disclaimer: I...
  6. N

    Jarvee Story Views Configuration

    I have an Instagram page and I want to automate customer acquisition. Liking stories has been the best method. But manually is very tiring. I downloaded Jarvee and I'm trying to configure it to see and like 5 stories from each profile. With an average of 2,000 profiles per day. I already do this...
  7. GainTheImpossible

    The best SMM panel for YouTube Views/Likes/Comments?

    Check title! I really need your opinion guys. I m in need of a reliable panel for YouTube views/comments/likes. Share your experience with previous panels that actually did the work for you! I really appreciate your recommendations! Thanks!
  8. Bakidaki

    (PROOF) Likes + Retweets = Viral tweet

    2 month old profile post a tweet, puts SH*T ton of likes and retweets on it -> tweet goes viral the account did not post anything for 2 months, all of a sudden starts posting tweets and the 2nd tweet posted goes viral, 24 hours after the first viral tweet another one goes viral too. two tweets...
  9. M

    SMM Panel with Reddit Mass DM

    Hello, I am looking for an SMM Panel that has reddit mass DM service. If you know one, please mention it. Thanks
  10. S

    discord smm panel

    Hello guys, does any of you know any smm-panel that has discord emoji for sale? I will be grateful if you share
  11. W

    SMM Panel's TikTok Followers not working? (Algorithm changes?)

    I have been trying to order TikTok followers on multiple panels recommended in the Marketplace, and during the last 48 hours none of them seem to be able to deliver even a single follower. (They were working fine before) Has there been any algorithm changes or what might be the reason? And do...
  12. unknown;)employee

    Which SMM panel has Advertisement Engagement Service?

    Hey Everyone, I have a website with adsterra on it. So naturally i am looking for a smm panel that provides me with ads engagement service. I have tried a few and still searching for the right one. Thank you in advance
  13. D

    Ranking on Youtube with Ads + SMM + Microworkers + Farm

    First off: NONE OF THIS WILL WORK IF YOUR CONTENT IS S#IT. For the past 2 years (almost) since I've gotten into the Youtube Partner Program, I've been trying out new ways to grow. I had success getting one of my videos to rank for a highly competitive keyword about 2 years ago before I took a...
  14. xEssence

    SMM vs SEO vs Web Design Agency, what would be most profitable?

    Hello everyone I hope you day/night has been great! I would like to start an online agency to eventually generate enough income to become my primrary income source. However I'm not sure what type of agency to make. I have some experience in SEO, SMM and Web Design. What agency type would be...
  15. Bakidaki

    What proxies do SMM panels use?

    While searching for a 4g proxy provider that I pay per GB of bandwidth used, realized most providers offer only "dedicated 4G proxies", which is of no use if you want to do actions on a large number of accounts. So I was wondering how much do SMM panel providers pay for their proxies and what...
  16. iamaanoob

    [HELP] SMM Panel suggestion

    Hello all, Recently I tried few SMM panels like SMMRaja, smm-mainpanel,, I ordered website traffic and none of them gave me any traffic, they canceled and refunded the amount to my wallet. Can anyone please suggest to me the best one to get website traffic? These...
  17. mstapha999

    Any possible Instant payment gateways for SaaS, SMM website ?

    Hello Friends. I have a SaaS, SMM business where i sell a bunch of optimization services for social media pages and websites SEO. Unfortunately stripe is not available in my country, not only that but it also doesn't suit my cashflow strategy as Stripe holds payments for more than a week. I am...
  18. Arditkallaba

    Scandinavian followers

    Hi, need scandinavian Instagram/Facebook followers and need them in bulk. If you have, please send samples of your followers on my PM. And price per 1.000. Sweden/Norway/Denmark. Thanks!
  19. D

    Hello Everyone (average newbie post)

    Hi everyone, Just introducing myself here like everyone else. I'm interested in SMM and website SEO! I am a software developer and have a lot to offer to BHW. Hoping to get involved and make a difference in this community. See you at the tip top.
  20. Tokendon

    The All-In-One Blockchain Marketing Agency Has Arrived on BlackHatWorld!

    Tokendon, is the all-in-one blockchain agency to supercharge your Marketing. We pioneer paragon HYPE GENERATION FOR ingenious blockchain ventures We are a team of professionals who know the niche and market inside out. As full-time crypto veterans, we develop go-to-Markets that maximize growth...