1. CamelCase

    Proxy company suggestions with features close to Smartproxy?

    Features I am looking for: - Rotating IP (After defining the single IP I should be able to access the proxes. I don't wanna drown in ports) - Unlimited Thread - At least a few million IPs - IP authorization (Whitelist) - $50 - $80 fee
  2. wolfofcraigslist

    Anyone Using Smart Proxies?

    Keep getting connection timed out today non working support doesnt have a clue using windows 10 any ideas? Tried ipconfig messing with dns tried adding a timedout setting to regedit tried 15 different endpoints
  3. Z - DO NOT USE

    Been using SmartProxy for a few weeks to see what t is all about. Beautiful interface, friendly staff, fair prices but TERRIBLE PROXY. All endpoints lead to banned accounts on extremely low Jarvee/Instagram settings (20-30 actions per day). Tried over 100 endpoints in USA and unfortunately, they...
  4. Z

    SmartProxy - Blocking Accounts Immediately

    Hi all, Recently got all my accounts setup with SmartProxy residential IPs. However, after only 6 automated follows, my account is getting blocked by IG. Is this normal when connecting to a new proxy? I had setup the accounts with the proxys a few days agas and rested them.
  5. runi

    How does smartproxy works?

    Hello, i hope i post this in the right section. Wanting to know how smartproxy or similar providers with this kind of system works. What i know, they are providing rotating residential or IPv4 proxies in pool containing 5 mil proxies. Often many proxy providers that i found are like selling...
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