1. Sartre

    What smartphone y'all have? You wouldn't believe how my phone looks.

    Currently, I still have a Poco F1, but after many falls, the back has completely fallen apart (kids). So it looks like this now: I probably have the worst-looking phone on the planet :D The front screen has been replaced twice already and is cracked again. To be honest, I'm surprised this...
  2. R

    Need photos of touchscreen phones with IMEI Number for a project

    Hi, I need 200 photos of touchscreen phones with undamaged/uncracked screens. The screen of the phone should contain the IMEI number (press "*#06#" in your phone dialer to open the IMEI screen). The phones should be upright in the photos. Look at a couple of sample images below (note that the...
  3. Aty

    What smartphone do you own? - 2019

    Just pure curiosity. I have the Google Pixel first gen. Name yours.
  4. K

    Smartphones business here

    Hi guys I am from south Africa and I want to start a business selling smartphone. Here in South Africa prices of these Smartphones especially the latest ones are too expensive. I want to order outside my country . So if you not from South Africa how much is the Huawei P30 and an iPhone X in...
  5. MehdiBmm

    Best selling platform to buy electronics

    Hey pals, I am running an affiliate website about electronics mainly about Tablets and Smartphones and wanted to know what is the best platform for people to buy (where they either get their bought item in good state OR they're absolutely fully refunded)? I've been using GB but saw a lot of...
  6. Omoadamo

    [Suggestions] Your Attentions Are Needed All Blackhaters'

    Hello blackhaters, I recently launch my tech blog focusing on smartphones,computers,app,softwares and social media reviews but I need like 5-10 pillar post for my website. Please I sincerely need your suggestions as regards both short and long tail keywords to write on in this niche. Thanks...
  7. methos

    why my site just ranked in PC as well but not in smartphones

    Hi, I have multi niches site which has over 50 niches, after 3 months of doing very great SEO and i see over 80% of my kw's ranked in 1st page ... i see there are no proper traffic ! and lol in case that all of my kw's are for android and ios games so usually 95+% of my traffic should be from...
  8. F

    Smartphones that keep privacy

    It's been years since I'm using good old Nokia because I'm privacy conscious with smart phones. Within mainstream, there's iOS, Android and WP. However, all of the choices in one way or another require sharing a lot of personal information. There is no way to have a smartphone working decently...
  9. Golonzo

    Need a supplier for cellphone unlock coes

    I'm looking for someone who can supply me with Samsung smartphone unlock codes, thanks
  10. P

    Wholescale / Retail Smartphones seller NEEDED

    Hello, If you know/you are someone who sells smartphones in retail or wholescale (cheaper) than the market, please reply here, also i won't buy from anyone unless he has a phone number so emails/skype doesn't work. A phone number from most countries except (African) countries since most of those...
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