why my site just ranked in PC as well but not in smartphones


Jul 18, 2013
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I have multi niches site which has over 50 niches, after 3 months of doing very great SEO and i see over 80% of my kw's ranked in 1st page ... i see there are no proper traffic ! and lol in case that all of my kw's are for android and ios games so usually 95+% of my traffic should be from smartphones ! the big problem is when i checked my kw's in serps through my mobile i see non of my kw's even in 1st 3 pages in google and some of them are nowhere !!! is there any explanation for that , also please note that my theme is mobile friendly !

thanks in advance
Kinda odd it's not ranking at all for mobile even when the theme is mobile friendly. The only other thing I can think of is page loading time. If you have it bogged down with tonnes of Javascript and unused CSS styles as well as a bunch of ads that impact the page loading speed that could be a factor.
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