1. L

    So I've been reading on BHW for a while..

    and I just made an account because I am clueless on money making ideas. I really would like some referral to a post for a "noob" I guess to start making an income. If anyone can help me that'd be great because I really want to start making little money. I have $0 investment by the way. Thank...
  2. BallsLikePlanets

    Backlinking method for low volume amazon niche site

    I've been making progress on my first amazon niche site and now it's time to give it a boost wih some proper links. What's the best option for long-term backlinking when it comes to niche sites that target low volume keywords (averaging say 250 searches per month)? Competition on some of my...
  3. S

    CL Posting

    Hey everyone. I registered here after reading a few posts because I knew I'd get to learn some on this forum :) My job is basically to post Craigslist ads every day, and get my boss calls about the things he's selling. I don't get paid a whole lot, but it's better than nothing and I get to work...
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