slickdeals posting

  1. M

    Our Amazon store was banned by SD, any ways to help?

    Our Amazon store was banned by SD, anyone have ways to solve it, high pay.
  2. J

    Slickdeals poster

    I just joined BHW after checking different post and comments i just realized i can get some idea from you guys about how i can grow my work .I am an experienced deal poster working since 2007 i've worked for many eCommerce stores and i've many well reputable accounts on SD from Level 2 to Level...
  3. nnslay

    Looking for slickdeals poster and Amazon Prime Account

    Hello, I am looking for L5 slickdeals account and upvote accounts. And Prime Account to post the review written by myself with pics,The only request is the account is totally personal account and healthy. If you are interested PM me
  4. Kirstina

    Need slickdeals poster

    Need someone with level 3 account or higher to post on slickdeals. Looking in reliable price. PM your profile status SC to S K Y P E: easytake123
  5. J

    I am looking for a slickdeal poster with aged account

    I am looking for a slickdeal poster with aged active account for promoting an Amazon item. My Amazon account is with more than 3000 feedbacks and the product i am promoting is with over 500 reviews. The review rating is 4.5 star. I would provide the lowest price in the internet for the...
  6. nnslay

    want to find slickdeals poster and upvotes

    Hi, I want t o find slickdeals poster above L2,PM me if you are interested.
  7. Khayser

    Looking for a Deal Poster in Europe/US (Mydealz, Slickdeals ect.)

    We are looking for a long-term partnership with individuals who have: 1. Aged accounts (On deal websites like Mydealz or Slickdeals) 2. The accounts were never banned 3. High reputation preferred We sell various products worldwide on different platforms like Amazon and Ebay. We offer very...
  8. V

    Slickdeals Poster Wanted

    Requirements: 1. Aged accounts 2. Never banned 3. High reputations preferred More details: PM me or add me on S K Y P E: [email protected]
  9. V

    Slickdeals Poster Wanted

    Requirements: Aged Accounts on sd or other deal sites/Never get banned/ High reputations preferred; For more details, please pm me with your requirements. Thanks!
  10. D

    Deals Website Poster Needed

    Hey Alll I'm looking currently for Deals Publisher, what is important it should be an old account with a good raiting. We are looking for following deals website publisher, paying once or comission per sales, depending on your requirements! 1. Mydealz Poster (Germany) 2. Slickdeals Poster (US)...
  11. D

    Deal site poster with aged account needed. Slickdeals, Kinja, Dealnews, Fatwallet, Dealplus, etc.

    Hello, We are now looking for someone who has aged & active accounts that can post our products' deal information on the deal sites: Slickdeals, Kinja, Dealnews, Fatwallet, Dealplus, etc. We will pay you money as the commission. Just let me know with Skype: daisylyp1 or Email...
  12. Cherryplws

    Deal Poster Group Slickdeals

    If you have any deals account for HotUKdeals, Slickdeals, Fatwallet, MydealzDE and more! you can join here and become part of this growing community. Do you know that everyday millions of seller from any online store want to find people to help them post their product with can...
  13. Cherryplws

    We will pay as you like to post deals for us

    We need slickdeals dealsplus etc posters urgently and seriously. Our company have lots of new promotion/deals going since we are launching new products every week. Main Business: electronic / watches / Bluetooth / kitchen utensils / tools series. Whoever has got a reputed age account, PM me at...
  14. J

    $10/Post~$100/Post on Slickdeals, Fatwallet or Woot.

    I'm looking for people (one or more) to post deals for our internet store on slickdeals, fatwallet, woot. Only for existing accounts, at least 1 years old with a history of previous posts (at least 10). Paying $10 to $100 through paypal for each post that doesn't get deleted + you will be able...
  15. MikeMo

    We need someone or team with Slickdeals, hotukdeals, mydealz, dealabs Account

    :)Hello all, Looking for Slickdeals,HotUKDeal, Woot Poster with aged accounts to post deals for our products. $30-$80 can be paid for a success post. Payment through Paypal after completion of the job, can pay daily or weekly. PM me if you have a reputed age account. We would love to...
  16. MikeMo

    Need a slickdeal poster to popular post

    Hello, This is Mike who is looking for slickdeal posters with aged account. If you have account with any other deal site, please let me know. the rate is $20 to $100 based on the account reputation. The payment mode is paypal, The payment will be sent after the deal posted. If it gets...
  17. C

    I need some help SD account, I am willing to provide the of money

    To release the popular deal of SD and upvote my post my s k y p e : leanna5432
  18. kimliston

    Need Poster for SlickDeals($100 a Popular Deal)

    Looking for some guys to post coupon or deal with aged Slickdeals accounts, $100 for a Popular Deal! Deal post deleted won't counted. With good reputation. If you can post on Reddit or other websites, let me know. :) Looking for long-term cooperation! PM me or add me s-k-y-p-e
  19. C

    $20/post - Deal site poster with aged account needed. Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Woot etc

    We are finding people who have aged and reputable accounts(Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Woot etc) and can post our products' deal information on Slickdeals. Any other deal site are also welcomed, hotukdeals, Vouchercodes, myvouchercodes, etc. I'll pay $20/post that sticks via paypal. PM me or hit me...
  20. Darkash

    Slickdeals account older than 2007 for posting

    I want someone who can post a deal on Slickdeals but the account should be older than 2007 with good or fair reputation. Let me know your price per post. I might have many work for you! S K Y P E: [redacted] please mention that you have found me on BHW E