Nov 24, 2018
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I just joined BHW after checking different post and comments i just realized i can get some idea from you guys about how i can grow my work .I am an experienced deal poster working since 2007 i've worked for many eCommerce stores and i've many well reputable accounts on SD from Level 2 to Level 9 with maximum 10 year age i can make any deal on popular page of SD so that's all i can do on Slickdeals and other deals sites.

I need to know what is the best way to reach amazon sellers to offer my service? i've tried by singing up on amazon with different accounts and send massage to each seller by using their amazon store contact page but never got a single client from this method can you guys please help to suggest a best way to reach more amazon seller as i've a team for this work so i can post even 100 deals a day i just want to expand this business. Any help will be appreciated.
Please DM me or s.kype : Jahanzaib.rao7

Thank you.