1. georgejennings

    How to generate Sitemap manually

    Does anyone know how I can generate a sitemap manually?
  2. Sonia Bilton

    Sitemap not fetching properly.

    I have submitted a Sitemap of my website but this is not fetching my URL properly. This error show on the Google Webmaster Sitemap. I am not understanding how to fix it.
  3. Nachus74

    How do you prefer Sitemap.xml for SEO

    Hi everyone. I am starting a serious project, of a store, which will contain hundreds of products and blog posts to rank on Google. My question is: How should the organization of a SiteMap be? So that later Google can read it correctly. I have tried different plugins, and there are some that...
  4. K

    Huge Site Indexation Problem

    I have a big site consisting of more than 5k pages that is only around 200 pages are indexed in google, I have the sitemap submitted in the search console but it doesn't seem to make any difference, how can I fix that? is the only way through manually submitting every URL in the url inspector tool?
  5. A

    Logfiles: What kind of URL is /news.xml/16851/[Kategoriename].html ?

    Hi, while analyzing the log files (Kibana+Excel) of my website, I noticed that the Google Desktop Bot crawls most often "monster URLs" that look like this: /news.xml/16851/[category name]. html I can't explain to myself how such URLs are created and why the bot looks at them so often. The mobile...
  6. Sunil Thakur

    Website Crowling issue !!

    Hello there, I have a website, it's not cache by google. I will tried all methods but it still same. Please guys help me.