1. D

    How to create sitemap for website and subdomains?

    Hi, If we are having multiple subdomains for a website, then how can we create sitemap for main website? Also, is it necessary to add each property of subdomain in search console? and have to create separate sitemap for multiple subdomains and a website? Thanks, in advance needing your...
  2. Alphaman77

    Sitemap issue

    Hey i have a site and its sitmap is not indexing i use yoast plugin and my robot txt file is also right can anyone tell me how to fix my sitemap issue plzz!
  3. georgejennings

    How to generate Sitemap manually

    Does anyone know how I can generate a sitemap manually?
  4. Sonia Bilton

    Sitemap not fetching properly.

    I have submitted a Sitemap of my website but this is not fetching my URL properly. This error show on the Google Webmaster Sitemap. I am not understanding how to fix it.
  5. Nachus74

    How do you prefer Sitemap.xml for SEO

    Hi everyone. I am starting a serious project, of a store, which will contain hundreds of products and blog posts to rank on Google. My question is: How should the organization of a SiteMap be? So that later Google can read it correctly. I have tried different plugins, and there are some that...
  6. K

    Huge Site Indexation Problem

    I have a big site consisting of more than 5k pages that is only around 200 pages are indexed in google, I have the sitemap submitted in the search console but it doesn't seem to make any difference, how can I fix that? is the only way through manually submitting every URL in the url inspector tool?
  7. A

    Logfiles: What kind of URL is /news.xml/16851/[Kategoriename].html ?

    Hi, while analyzing the log files (Kibana+Excel) of my website, I noticed that the Google Desktop Bot crawls most often "monster URLs" that look like this: /news.xml/16851/[category name]. html I can't explain to myself how such URLs are created and why the bot looks at them so often. The mobile...
  8. Sunil Thakur

    Website Crowling issue !!

    Hello there, I have a website, it's not cache by google. I will tried all methods but it still same. Please guys help me.
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