sitemap deindexed

  1. Alphaman77

    Sitemap issue

    Hey i have a site and its sitmap is not indexing i use yoast plugin and my robot txt file is also right can anyone tell me how to fix my sitemap issue plzz!
  2. Sonia Bilton

    Sitemap not fetching properly.

    I have submitted a Sitemap of my website but this is not fetching my URL properly. This error show on the Google Webmaster Sitemap. I am not understanding how to fix it.
  3. F

    google webmaster console non indexed pages I need help

    Please look at this screen from my google webmaster console Btw: Sorry, but I have no idea how to switch GWC to English I have no idea why 4 pages are Excluded... They are Crawled but Not currently indexed which doesn't sound as bad as being excluded... Which worries me. one of the pages...
  4. rodyrathore

    Need help regarding XML sitemap

    Hello Mates.. i am running a Multi niche Website (howpk[dot]com). I am using Google XML plugin (wordpress[dot]org/plugins/google-xml-sitemap/) it is working fine but today i have notices in GWT (google Console) that total page submitted are 670 and indexed are 340. i don't know why it shows me...
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