site building tools

  1. mrorzio

    Quick Ranking Website Setup - $$$$ Method/Help Thread $$$$

    Just wanted to give back. Here to answer questions but I really should ask that maybe even those way smarter than me answer them. All my opinion and what I have seen. I learned a lot of SEO from guys in this thread. BTB, Tommy, Cash 202, Big Buddy and more and more and more Here is the...
  2. D

    Business Mobile Platforms

    I have been perusing this section as I want to create mobile websites for my local business customers. I originally wanted to stick with Wordpress but am finding that most WP mobile plugins do not come with many necessary mobile functions like click to call, or click to G-Maps for directions...
  3. entreprenuer

    <Found a wide open niche!![product creation]

    Hey I found a niche that no other person is promoting on clickbank and the overall Search engine competition is about 500,000 results for a keyword that can rake in 50k searches a month. I need a software or sitebuilding tool to build a salespage. what do you merchants typically use to build...
  4. X

    Found A Awsome Backlink Checker

    I found this tool for checking backlinks that it easy and to the point.
  5. T

    Copy website and repost?

    Hey, a guy found out that I know something about building websites. He asked me if I could help him finish his site. He had hired a couple guys to build and post it for him. The problem is they won't finish it. Neither will they give him the logon information for the hosting account. They are...
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