site architecture

  1. G03

    Dynamic Sitemap question: How would I setup the sitemap?

    Hey all, So I want to test a site that will generate new pages of information every it is searched on the site. The sitemap will change literally every day. How would I set up the sitemap for this? Any help is much appreciated
  2. N

    Local SEO site structure - need some advice

    I am trying to get my website architecture in line and looking for some advice before creating more content/pages. I have an HVAC company trying to rank in 9 surrounding cities. We only have 1 location. We just got all the content rewritten for the home page and services pages using the state...
  3. seocrab

    [Guide] How to use a silo structure on affiliate sites in 2019

    A quick note from seocrab Hey everyone, I've been having a good month and decided to give back to the community with another in-depth guide, this time on siloing content (see the previous beginner's guide to free keyword research). I've tried to make this as accessible to newbies as possible...
  4. K

    XML Sitemap For A Huge Site

    I am looking for a way to generate XML sitemap for a huge site, over 3000 pages, is there a way to do that for free or do I have to purchase a tool that will generate it for me
  5. H

    Domain/Parent-Page/Internal-Page/Post Permalink

    I read this thought provoking post by @splishsplash but I'm having trouble implementing the silo structure using WordPress I already have existing blog post articles about a particular HP laptop...
  6. M

    Anchor text for internal links pointing to different languages

    Hi there, We're working with a multi domain strategy (one domain / country in the EU). In all domains, we have the same 'feature pages'. Let's say we have feature page X in the UK, then we also have a version of that feature page on our .fr domain. In the header of the websites, we have a...
  7. D

    Site Architecture Issue

    Calling all technical SEO experts: If a site URL is in the following format: and the /topic/ is actually a 404. So basically leads to a 404 but is just fine (Leads to the right post). What would be the...
  8. splishsplash

    The Ultimate Guide to SEO Siloing - Dominate Google in 2018

    Introduction Back in march last year(2016) I wrote a super guide to creating amazon review sites, and as part of that guide I had an entire chapter on siloing. I had a lot of success with the way I used to silo, but I never quite reached that crazy level of success that was always promised...