1. Artist101

    Hello friends!

    Hi, I am artist101, one more newbie here! I know how to clone voices using AI (speech, singing, maybe even moaning haha). Let me know if you need something! Thanks for having me
  2. Finn

    ♪♫♬ The Karaoke Experience on BHW - Finn invites you to sing a Song!

    This is my personal gem, which I really enjoy singing - Feel free to post yours! If possible, please try to post songs which are showing the lyrics, this way the thread would evolve into a Karaoke thread, which would be kinda amazing.
  3. W

    I call upon the free thinkers on BHW to advise me!I'm 17 and i...

    Hi BHers! I've been following this forum for some time now(and even though i don't post much) i've learnt a LOt of stuff, some of which i never even knew existed...and i'd like to thank you all for that!(regardless of whether the stuff i've learnt is going to be useful or not XD) Here's the...
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