1. S

    Singapore Phone Number

    Dear BHW Friends, We need someone that can provide us with a Singapore number that can forward calls and/or a way to purchase a singapore real number that can recieve SMS and calls. If anyone specializing in this can help, kindly write here or DM.
  2. M

    Singapore Backlinks Needed

    Hi, I am looking for backlink from Singapore for my escort site, It would be better if it is High quality and with Traffic.
  3. 18young

    Cheap Singapore VPS ?

    Guys, can you suggest the best cheap Singapore VPS for game servers hosting?
  4. hackgrowth

    BHW Malaysia?

    Anyone from Malaysia here? Would be great to catch up for caffeine or alcohol and brainstorm collabs.
  5. Animation_Videos

    Question regarding taboola...

    So i applied for taboola and everything went out okay and they asked to deposit via paypal.. but as i tried to deposit via paypal, the fees were crazy high on taboola, for $3000 deposit, i had to pay over $130 fee and they said i had to pay this fee everytime i deposit.. so paypal deposit wasnt...
  6. R

    Help me find fashion brand names! Sales Lead Generation

    Hello! Looking for someone to help generate a list of fashion brands names from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Message for rates.
  7. DPat90210

    Singapore Meetup

    Any fellow Singapore based BHers interested to meetup for coffee / beer to discuss all things SEO?
  8. B

    Lowering tax burden. Company registration NEEDED for e-business. Merchant account + PP.

    Hey guys, I am looking for a jurisdiction where to form a new business for tax reasons. Me and my partner are Ukrainians, and my partner is resident in Italy. We are about to launch our online shop (shopify) with jewelry line that will further expand into original clothing. The business is...
  9. A

    Travelling to singapore (need suggestions)

    i (20 year old ) am going to singapore with my parents next week , i needed what all places to visit? i am going to uss sentosa + beach S.E.A Gardens by the bay night safari cruise city tour (which is better night city tour or day one?) botanical garden (maybe) singapore flyer shopping ...
  10. Pronoy

    Need Singaporean VCC to add in paypal

    I need a Singaporean vcc to add on my paypal which must be in my name. My budget is low. Thanks
  11. S

    Gaming Channel: inspired from Pewdiepie

    Hi guys. I am a singaporean gamer. I want to grow my channel however there are many factors that is preventing me from doing so. In Singapore, being a youtube gamer is not a common thing. It's because of our culture,time,etc. I hope to be the first recognized gamer in my country. But I have...
  12. T

    Neophyte here!

    Greetings BH! Hi, name is Maverick. I'm pratically new with internet marketing and still learning a lot of things. Currently running a website that promotes affiliate marketing and has seen the potential of such business. I'm a libra, love learning advancements in technology and currently...
  13. K

    Paypal - After VCC verification now proof of adress?

    Hi guys, I have a problem with paypal. I wanted to open a new stealth paypal singapore account, but directly after i add the VCC and entered the expuse code, my account got limited and now paypal wants a proof of adress. BUT: Exactly before 1 month i also opened a paypal singapore account...
  14. F

    Suppliers from China

    Hi, Im from Singapore and is thinking about dropshipping things from China to sell in Singapore. Looking for long term partnership here so do drop me a pm so we can discuss.
  15. ran60616

    Need a wholesale supplier or an agent for LED TV's from Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia

    Hey guys, Looking for suppliers or hookups to buy container loads of LED TV's from Singapore or Malaysia. Looking for Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips brands :D Any help would be appreciated :o
  16. christianbed

    Any BHW members in Singapore?

    One of my random postings in the BH forum a couple weeks ago led to a PM from someone on BHW who saw a flyer I put up here in Singapore for my new venture: What are the chances? I mean, seriously, I put up one in a country of over 5.5...
  17. B

    Hello from Singapore

    Hey, I am from Singapore and excited to say hello to every one here. I have a website for review and just wonder where can I post it for other members to comment Appreciate for your advice
  18. O

    Fan page and website seo for a Singaporean website

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to do some SEO work for my website. It's targeted at singaporeans and i have about 10 relatively uncompetitive keywords on I also need someone to run a fan page campaign for local singaporeans. So i need someone who can do targeted and localized...
  19. A

    Calling all blackhatters from S'pore!

    Hello! I was wondering if any guys from Singapore wants to set up an online seo company or have experience in this line. I'm just trying to find out the feasability of this venture. If not,I'm also trying to gather a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in forming an...
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