signature links

  1. ValerieMeshko

    How do you feel about signature links.

    Hi all. I recently started a project from scratch. And noticed the thing that my project is created from scratch, has a ratio of 1 domain = 5 links (the approximate number of links put per domain). And my DR has the same value, and traffic as for example to old rival project, where at 1 domain...
  2. O

    Looking for forum signature link placement

    Hello, I am looking for people who have good, old and active profiles on tech/video/computer forums with relevant organic traffic. I would like to order links to be placed in the signatures.
  3. B.Shahin

    Buy/sell forum signature

    Hi, Is it legal here to buy/sell members signature?! If yes which section I should use, I need to request buying some!
  4. bossofthebosses

    What Can I Put In My Signature?

    As a Jr VIP, what are the rules for signature links? How many links are allowed? What can I link?
  5. seeing44

    [GET] BHW signature.For Jr.VIP,Power,Elite,Senior Members only

    Hello Everyone, I am a premium member in BHW, have an option to put links in my signature. I do not have anything that adds value/ interesting to show/advertise currently. I want to give away(absolutely free) my signature to Jr.Vip, Power,Senior,Elite members only. If any of the members wants...
  6. B

    looking for

    looking for who are doing atleast 5 posts per day i need a singnature Thanks
  7. magnus99

    I want to trade VPS Service for banner space in your signature.

    Hi, I would like trade anyone who is interested in Windows VPS or Linux VPS service for signature space. We would like it to be banner based and we will offer you a service equivalent. VPS1 (2GB RAM, 2vCores, 40GB HD) >> 14.99 VPS2 (4GB RAM...
  8. C

    Display Banner On your BHW Sig Space & Make Some Money

    Update : What i need is to display my BANNER of sig space not just url link. Please, indicate your Skype ID for follow-up when replying to this msg. Thanks
  9. D

    [WTB] want to rent your signature space

    As title says I wanna rent your signature for long-time. PM me with your rate and availability if interested.
  10. R

    I want to put url in signature how to do it..?

    I want to put url in my signatures but it says not allowed. how many post should I have to do this...?
  11. The SEO

    [FREE] Niche Forum Posting Service

    Hi Folks As we all the importance of niche relevant back-links which are much essential for your website specially after Google updates. So I decided to give you 3 niche forum posts with your website link. Posts are totally relevant to your website niche. Only members with 50+ posts are...
  12. MikeBuyco

    How do you scrape Forum Signature links?

    I've been trying to scrape forums that allow signature links but I'm not having any success. I've have some good ones but only about a few percentage of what I scrape. Can anyone recommend me a good footprint to scrape forums that allow signature links?
  13. B

    Need help about signature links ?

    From the past 2 weeks I was posting comments and putting signature link in sites like ?webdesignerdepot? dot com and like other. The I was doing a trick to get more visitors to my site. Like putting name as ?I LOVE WEB DESIGN? and the Gravatar of Female actress image. At that time I was...
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