signature for rent banners

  1. Zwielicht

    [GET] "Signature For Rent" Banners Version 3.0

    After my original thread became obsolete due to the release of rule 5.1, I've decided to make a new thread. This new signature banner package comes with some much needed changes, which I've detailed below. Changelog: All of the original compliant banners have been added to this new ZIP file...
  2. HelloBTCMINER

    [GET] "SIGNATURE is available FOR RENT" Banners [NEW 2018]

    I was going through @Zwielicht's thread "[GET] Signature Banner PSD & "Signature For Rent" Banners" ( Thanks for the thread ) and i really think they are kind of old designs. So i've created some new designs of "Signature for RENT" (728x90 px) banners, I hope BHWers will like it... Download...