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  1. M

    Sign up form bot

    I’m looking to get a bot to sign up all my database to my email sign up form on my website. I will have an api from sendy on the form and when a contact is signed up they will get an auto email with our affiliate offer. I would think this should help get emails to inboxes. Casino niche please...
  2. DrCoomer

    [Journey] FAIL porn re-upload and crakrevenue

    Hello, somewhat longtime lurker here and I want to share my epic fail journey. So I have read adrians guide many times how porn upload works and how to make money with it and decided to give it a try. You can use my journey as a guide on what NOT TO DO lol. The Website: So at first I created a...
  3. sklorton

    Affiliate programs with easiest sign up requirements?

    What are some affiliate programs with easy or no sign up requirements? Are there any where you dont have to give out a lot of personal information.
  4. aggin

    Coinsbit 2000 CNB For a Sign UP - 5 days left

    The largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe - Coinsbit. is launching its own token. Token Distribution: - 1. AirDrop for registered users: 500,000,000 CNB. (already finished) - 2. Referral system with bonuses in CNB Coin: 1,000,000,000 CNB. (Ending on 25 December) 5 days left till the...
  5. shealewy

    Best way to get leads

    Hey everyone! Finally got our site live for generating leads for our white label fitness platform. Our white label platform allows trainers to offer their following a subscription service to have access to their daily workouts. Currently we are using our connections to drive leads and cold DMs...
  6. chicabomb

    Quick $1 job, payout in BCH

    Your job will consist of the following: 1) Sign up for a freelance website similar to Fiverr 2) Create at least 1 gig 3) PM me the email associated to your account, your public username, and your BCH address where I will send you $1 If your gig sells you can make even more money of course but...
  7. F

    Need mobile/desktop sign up

    Mobile and Desktop. (mobile - iOS and Android. Any device) / FLOW for SA and UAE - it is a regular sign up flow, first setting username password, then setting method of payment. All others GEOs - pin submit flow I need at least 10 (no proxy ) pm me with your offer Thanks
  8. C

    I need sign ups + tasks, paying 1$ for each person.

    As title states, Real sign ups with real informations. Paying in ether.
  9. Stanley Martin

    Need help with bulk sign ups

    Hello, I do Hiring Events and Job Fairs and I have people who sign up on paper for a free survey program. The problem is the website records ip addresses and won't let you do bulk (multiple) sign ups from the same device or ip address and still get credit. How would I sign up multiple people...
  10. J

    Website sign ups required

    Looking for daily sign ups to web site via dedicated link.
  11. J

    Hire - Web Site Sign ups

    I need someone who can deliver sign ups to a fantasy sports websites.
  12. dimalahbal

    I can't open an account on clickbank

    Hello everybody This 2 days i try to open an account newbie but always i get a message that told me that they can't complete the operation ... Anyone please can help me ???
  13. anas hanine

    [Help] Problem with Sign up on Ogads

    Every time I tried To Sign up on Ogads They give me a message saying that : Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain the following; A lowercase letter (a-z), An uppercase letter (A-Z), A digit (0-9) But I tried to do the same as they said but nothing work it still appears...
  14. P

    How to get started?

    Hello! I'm a (web)programmer and I am trying to write my own twitter sign up Аutomation Tool, mostly for educational purposes. What is the best way to get past the 1-signup-per-computer limitation that Twitter imposes? buying anonymous/private proxies or phone numbers? But aren't these cost...
  15. R

    Instagram signup

    Hey,Is is possible to create a "sign up with instagram" on a website?for example, people would be able to sign up to a particular website using their instagram accounts and it automatically posts an image on their instagram which says "Hey, I am using xxxxxxx - Join me"My friend is working on a...

    Last Cry For Help.

    Hello i have posted here many of time's and have found great help. So now i'm back looking for info on making getting my job board off the ground. The main thing killing me is content for now i use the api route but you no they have limit's. So what i need to no is how to pull job seekers and...
  17. R

    Starting a new social network

    Hey guys, I started a thread 2 months ago when I was planning to create a new and a very unique social network. The work is almost done and now I am looking for ways to promote it. The problem is that I am short of funds. I want your suggestions to promote this social network spending minimum...
  18. sadecentpoint

    V easy Job , Signing up to 180 Websites | only for UK, US based Freelancers

    hi, its the easiest 15$ you can make , i need some one to creat my accounts on 180 websites and verify them by using its phone or address if required , plz read following: 1- you have to perform it in 1 day 2- You will provide my email and details but verification done by you (required in...
  19. H

    Looking to Pay Someone for Sign ups. USA IP's only. Email, User n pass. Easy Gig

    Looking to Pay Someone for free sign ups from unique USA IP addresses only. 10 cents a sign up, the process takes 10 seconds. Who ever takes this gig will make bank, but i'm looking to start small. Starting off between $10 - $40 a day. Then eventually up to $100 a day. After that the skies the...
  20. krajacic

    I'll pay you if you're from Germany, and you're a guy!

    Hi! I decided to make an exception and pay every man from Germany who registers to my affiliate link! I will pay you $ 5 after first payment or $ 1 instant...for registration! Better than anything ... If this thing will prove profitable'll increase the amount! I appeal to all interested men from...
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