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  1. Software Monster

    [1 FREE REVIEW COPY] for E-commerce Website

    1 FREE review copy to a single member for a BST service review The package contains the following: -WordPress Theme Customization -Logo Design -Product Catalog Setup -Shopping Card Functionality -10 Product Upload -Checkout Page -Payment Gateway Integration -Email Integration -Mobile...
  2. ContentWriter

    Other than WooCommerce, what shopping cart WP plugin would you recommend?

    Other than WooCommerce, what shopping cart WP plugin would you recommend? I've installed and used WooCommerce for our newly-designed website but I think those fields for the billing address and shipping address are causing an inconvenience on the part of my customers. As I type this message...
  3. S

    Why I'm Only Just Getting Here Now!

    Hi Everyone, I'm here because I noticed that a large portion of traffic to my udemy course was coming from here so I thought I'd better join up and see what this place is all about. I would love to hear about all things Udemy and OpenCart. While I'm here I can offer a few coupons to my Udemy...
  4. S

    E-Commerce Cart Migration SEO Advice

    Hi all, First time post here. We operate a small ecommerce store and plan on moving cart, most likely from Interspire to Magento or possibly Prestashop. We want to be sure not to damage our current search rankings when making this move and ideally improve our rankings at the same time...
  5. B

    Shopping Cart Paypal Options

    Is there any free shopping cart options with paypal interagation?
  6. J

    Reliable and Secure Shopping Cart

    Hello, I am going to offer you a 1 month FREE trial of our shopping cart. It comes with email marketing tools and a product catalog for digital and physical products. It is a must try product for online gurus. This offers goes to the 1st 50 members to PM me. Reply to this thread if you are...
  7. snackshop

    Help!!Advice for Website cart and design....started but newbie!

    Hello all, I purchased my domain from Godaddy a while back, I am hosting with Hostgator...where I use basekit which was free to setup. After I have kind of learned Basekit, Hostgator is slowly fading it out and leaning towards Weebly (which is free for basics, charges more monthly if I want to...
  8. ChrisX

    Software For Selling & Delivering Services – SPP

    Discount codes available for BHW members, please inquire in the thread. The best way to get support is by emailing us here. Our team is available working hours UK time.
  9. Barrage

    WordPress plugin that supports Amazon products "Add to cart" on blog posts/pages

    Hello, I have spent a lot time searching a Amazon Shopping Cart plugin which features a Cart page + that the user should be able to add products to the cart from pages or blog posts. Most of the Amazon Store plugins only support converting the whole website into a eCommerce, but I rather want it...
  10. A

    Plugin for Wordpress with 2Checkout integration

    I need a WP shopping cart that integrates with 2Checkout but which allows customers to enter numerous custom field data (need customers URL/keywords/logo etc to fulfill their orders). My developer has had major issues as 2CO only seem to allow 1 custom field so not sure how we can gather all...
  11. B

    E commerce Plugin/ solution recomedations needed that doesnt hurt SEO

    I have a existing site built on wordpress that is receiving around 2,000 uniques a day and am not wanting to monetize the traffic with a shopfront. Can someone suggest what ecom solutions that have had a positive experience with whilst staying withing the wordpress wireframe. I dont like...
  12. X

    [HELP]Where Interspire theme files located?

    I need to know where Interspire Theme files are located? not .css files the .php or .tpl files. I want to edit the theme but in that template directory i can not find that except some .css and some codded files. please help
  13. Z

    Need suggestions with a website I’ll be building (Use Whmcs or CMS system)

    I?ll be creating a website to sell online services, let?s say 3 different services: Facebook services Facebook fan page likes Different price packages Facebook photo likes Different price packages Facebook ? [status, videos, comments?.] likes Twitter services Twitter...
  14. J

    Opencart Url with SEO Keywords for Backlinks

    Hi, I have created my first shopping cart with opencart, everything is working fine But i have a requirement for my website. I have already activated seo friendly urls Now i want some urls with my main keywords like
  15. M

    Alternative to PayPal Shopping Cart

    Hello everyone. I am building a small website to do arbitrage. I was going to put Paypal carts on there but then got to thinking prolly bad idea as I get paid by affiliate co's thru PayPal. And my new website already has jacked content from some big names so... But really the content could...
  16. O

    I need help for opening a website

    Hi, I need your help guys. I need to know what is the best for opening a website? - shopiing cart; - wordpress; - or..... Thanks for help
  17. A

    Shopping Cart/Lead Form Abandonment Solution

    Thank you to Black Hat for such a great website, its chock full o' great stuff for web marketing. I work for an shopping cart/lead form abandonment solution company, and was looking to network with people, I hope im in th right area. WE CAPTURE DATA, (EMAILS) PRE-SUBMITTED LEVEL, remarketing...
  18. H

    How To Intergrate Wordpress with Google So That Products Show Up In Search Results?

    I am wondering how I would go about setting up my wordpress store so that my products show up in the shopping results at google. Do I need a specific theme, plugin, Google account settings? - IDK. Help please.
  19. Bestbuyfoam

    Need someone who knows Interspire Shopping cart

    I have lost a web page and can't find it anywhere... But if I type the url in it still shows... I need this fixed asap... PM me if you know this shopping cart... I go to view web pages and it is gone and it had like three others under it... Will pay by PayPal... Thanks a million, And have...
  20. jetiz

    Which shopping cart system should i use ??

    Hi, I am going to make a shopping website for Tshirts. There are many shopping cart systems available on the internet like: Zeuscart Magento OpenCart Zen Cart PrestaShop phpCOIN TomatoCart I am totally confused after looking into all the systems. Please suggest me the best...
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