shopify theme

  1. MK47x

    Hiring Shopify Theme Expert (Streamline Theme)

    Hi BHW, Need someone to disable automatic variant selection on my Shopify theme (Streamline by Archetype). May also need some other tweaks down the line so a good opportunity for repeat work. Telegram: xMK47 Thanks in advance, - MK.
  2. robin222

    Will shopify change the theme template cause the keyword ranking to drop

    I have a shopify website and need to change a faster template. Since changing the shopify's template will not cause the URL path to change, but I am not sure if this will cause a significant drop in keyword rankings?
  3. Intexam

    Please recommend an elegant and modern theme for single product

    The store will have only 1 item to sell. Also it will be monthly subscription based. Which theme would you recommend and which plugin/app for monthly subscription?
  4. Jeff Vh

    Looking For This Shopify Premium Theme

    Could anyone tell me the name of this theme? Thanks in advance!
  5. Engjell Berisha

    Need Streamline Theme

    Theme name- Streamline URL-
  6. geekhob

    Anyone Can Give Maxmin Shopify Theme?

    I am starting up a dropshipping with Shopify, and I came across this theme named "MAXMIN - Dropshipping AliExpress Clone Shopify Theme" i am so much in need of the...
  7. shadow5

    SHOPIFY EXPERTS - Anyone know this theme?

    Hey! Does anyone know what theme this is built on? Site: I tried looking and it's saying it's custom (or they removed the theme labels/data) " is built using Mother's Day Gift Guide" - which leads to nothing. Thoughts? Anyone recognize it?
  8. Tenebra23

    [Help] Booster theme (shopify)

    Does anyone know why the images are not responsive on this theme? I use their suggested sizes, but when I switch to mobile the images get cropped and so some of the text I added just goes out of the screen. If I use the stock images that Shopify provide, for examples, they are fully responsive...
  9. Danny Crypto

    This Holiday Season which Shopify theme to use?

    Hey I'm really looking to increase my sales on Shopify but still not getting the conversions I'm getting 100-150 sessions a day at least but they are not converting. I'm thinking to try the Booster Theme is it good to use? Which Shopify theme to use? Please let me know your suggestions too...
  10. eaglehunter

    Best Converting Shopify themes

    Hey, I have a shopify store and my conversion rate is currently 2.1% overall. I dont think that's bad but its not great either. Can anyone recommend good and high converting shopify themes? I am currently using a free theme supplied by shopify Thanks!