shared hosting

  1. MJ

    ➡️ HostMato - ⚡️ Shared hosting ⚡️ ✅ NVMe SSD ✅ cPanel ✅ LiteSpeed ✅ MailChannels ✅ JetBackups ✅ From $1.5 ❤️ FREE TRIALS FOR EVERYONE ❤️

    15 day money back guarantee If you are not satisfied or changed your mind, you can simply claim ask for refund, no questions asked, no shady terms/ conditions. What you can host? Please check our Acceptable usage policy - Discount Code and offers...
  2. kunnu

    $4/Year NVMe Shared Hosting + Reseller Hosting $14/Yr - Instant Setup +Powerful Server +Softaculous - Dewlance®

    Dewlance® is celebrating its 13th Anniversary, and we are providing a massive discount on our hosting plans. Available Location: - United Kingdom NMVe DirectAdmin Hosting - UK: Plan: Bronze2GB Hosting Disk Space: 2GB NVMe - Bandwidth: 100GB - DirectAdmin - Softaculous (Auto Script...
  3. Bedazzle

    Does Google Penalise a whole server/IP if one domain is affected?

    Let's say you are using shared hosting and you got multiple websites on that one hosting and one of your domains on that shared hosting is penalized by Google. Will all your other domains and blogs be affected that are on that same hosting?
  4. littlewebdragon

    12 Days of Christmas✅ ██►-88% OFF◄██ ✅Valid for 3 months of hosting ✅✅✅

    We are offering special Christmas & New Year's deal exclusively for BHW members Speed up your sites with our hosting plans in 2022! Pay only 12% of our regular price for hosting package of your choice for 3 months of service! 88% discount will be applied to your order - for 3 months of...
  5. cynthia.kimberley

    shared hosting can't ranked in google with 1 keyword

    heelo, shared hosting can't ranked in google with 1 keyword? I use shared hosting and I see that if our domain is in 1 hosting then we will find it very difficult to go up in 1 keyword, is this true in SEO? Should i buy vps? What vps you recommend and the best in market? -kim
  6. Donawoite


    Digithosts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THE SERVICE TO BE ACTIVATED ? A: Shared Hosting, VPS (LINUX & WINDOWS ) are activated instantly after order is placed and payment is completed, But in some cases it may...
  7. BulltenWeb

    ► Bullten - Linux VPS ★ Shared Hosting ★ SSD ★ 10% OFF ◄

    FAQ Are Adult Websites Allowed? Yes we allow Adult Websites. What Payment Methods do you Accept? We Accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Western Union and More. What OS do you Provide? We Provide only Linux Operating System Can i upgrade my service anytime without losing my current data? Yes...
  8. kunnu

    $5/Year SSD Web Hosting in US|UK|EU|DE|CA +Powerful Server +CloudLinux -cPanel/DA Dewlance®

    Dewlance® is celebrating the 12th Anniversary, and we are providing a massive discount on our hosting plans. cPanel Hosting - USA: Bronze Hosting Disk Space: 1GB - Bandwidth: 100GB - cPanel - Softaculous (Auto Script Installer) - Subdomains - Database - FTP Account - Virus Scanner - Ruby On...
  9. Boriss

    SSD Web Hosting in Romania | Unlimited Domains + Bandwidth + DDoS Protection

  10. vigyavan

    [90% OFF COUPON] Shared Hosting - $1.99/Year

    It's a one time discount, If you go for basic then the plan will become $1.99/year but if want premium then only $8 off from 1st month Cheap hosting for year, Good for starter sites. Not so bad! :) Shared Hosting for $1.99 / Yr (Limited Stocks Available) Link...
  11. alexhost1

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start? First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located. Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve...
  12. kurosaki4d

    Which web hosting can handle (+1000 clicks per day) ?

    Hello, I'm working on a site on which i'll start the marketing campaign in two weeks from now, so i have some concerns with my current hosting EasyWP (Namecheap), it seems they are low in performance with a lot of limitations to their users. For that reason, I'm considering migrating to...
  13. MehtaM

    Should I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting?

    I'm planning to launch 7-10 micro niche blogs within few days and 1 Amazon affiliate website. Shall I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting? While researching I had planned to get Siteground hosting but their rates changed and renewal rate is too high now. Which affordable host with good support...
  14. DamoHG

    HostGnome - US & EU ✅ 10Gbps ✅ Anonymous ✅ SEO Tools ✅ NVMe SSD ✅cPanel/Linux/Windows >> $3.99 << ➡️

    Hello BHW! HostGnome is a newly formed company that pursues offering the best hardware, amazing support and uptime for amazing prices in the competetative marketplace of Webhosting. We plan on offering wide ranges of hardware for what you the customer wants. We offer both premium and budget...
  15. akash80575

    Shared Hosting with Unlimited Inodes

    Can anyone suggest me some decent hosting provider for shared hosting and unlimited inodes? budget is 95-98$ a year.
  16. thegoldeneye

    Shared vs VPS

    Hi there, I always liked using Namecheap shared hosting for my websites and client's websites and I bought their SSD in July last year. So in a few months, I'll need to renew it, it's not that expensive but also I am not getting that much from them related to the site speed. I feel that the...
  17. Andrew Daniels

    Best Web Hosting Services For 2020

    Hey guys, today I will give you my opinion on what are the best web hosting providers in 2020! I see a lot of posts about "which is the best web hosting provider", "how to know which is the best web hosting provider", "please help me to choose a good web host", etc, etc ... I will give you my...
  18. kurosaki4d

    Advice on Migrating from Godaddy to A2hosting

    Hello all, I'm currently hosting around 28 websites (including domains & databases) on my Godaddy shared account. I'm using the "Ultimate Windows Hosting with Plesk" plan. Everything is so slow especially with Plesk. I have decided to migrate all the websites to a new host and keep the domains...
  19. aqibarif74

    ►CHRISTMAS DISCOUNTS◄ [50% OFF Lifetime ►Web Hosting◄] | [30% OFF Lifetime ►WINDOWS & LINUX VPS◄]

    CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for BlackHatWorld Users. We are giving away Christmas discount of 50% for Web Hosting and 30% for Windows & Linux VPS. Here you go: Special Christmas Discount for BHW users. --------------------------- Shared Hosting: For those who want to host small sites. Ref...
  20. kurosaki4d

    Help! Bing/msn bot using huge load of my server

    I am facing a big problem with my server. I have a website that keeps getting massive page requests coming from "Bing/Msn" bot every second or two and the ip changes now and then. Which is putting a heavy load on my server. My CPU is constantly over 90% I tried to block the bot from htaccess...
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