share for share

  1. Apounéré

    Share For Share?

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm seeing lot of people on bhw trying to get more like on their pages and I'm one of them. If you're interested by this lets give a try just tell which niche you are working on and drop your stats If someone find your page compatible with his, he...
  2. savobaby

    [Adult Snapchat] Share For Share? Join The Skype Group!

    If you're reading this and you have an adult niche Snapchat account and you'd like to do share for share posts to increase followers/engagement, feel free to add me on Skype! I get average about 4k - 7k views per story (depending on how much I post). My Skype username is - Savobaby
  3. S

    Group in Slack: SFS collaboration with general and private niche channels

    What do you think guys: let?s try building large unlimited SFS group via Slack chats and have private sub-divisions in it for niches. Right now I run 30+ ppl group in Skype and we'll try to start there. We also might cooperate with 40+ ppl kik group. So that we could gather potentially the...
  4. S

    Instagram SFS group 2K+ (30+ people now)

    Hi everyone, we have gathered a group (30+ people at the time of the post). All 2K+ followers Comment below or PM me to be added. We are discussing the new free and safe tool we built for SFSing on Instagram (and other social networks soon - Twitter, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Pinterest, etc.) -...
  5. arnosv

    Funny cat fanpage looking for share for share [27.500 likes]

    Hey there, I've got a funny cat pictures fanpage with around 27.500 likes. These likes are all REAL and accumulated by Facebook Ads. Most of the likes are from US and age is mostly 35+. I'm looking for a share for share with another page in a related niche and with a reasonable amount of...
  6. B

    S4S (Share For Share) With 10k-34k+ Pages!! ONLY ORGANIC LIKES!!

    Hey all, lets get straight to business. I have three facebook pages that i would like to share for share with. One is a personal fanpage and works in the relationship advice niche (19k likes) Another page deals with the female model and weed niche and has (10k likes) Last but not least, the page...
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