[Adult Snapchat] Share For Share? Join The Skype Group!

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May 29, 2011
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If you're reading this and you have an adult niche Snapchat account and you'd like to do share for share posts to increase followers/engagement, feel free to add me on Skype! I get average about 4k - 7k views per story (depending on how much I post).

My Skype username is - Savobaby
Thanks for the add man, hopefully we can get more people into the Skype group!

If anybody else would like to join, add me on Skype or leave your username here!
500-700 views accepted ? most of it is usa
Yeah any amount of views is accepted! Will add you guys now!
I am in no way involved with any of this but i am very interested, could i still add ya?
Sounds good with a skype chat to share ideas and experience :)
I would like to be a member of the group chat because:
First of all I have 8 years of experience with CPA and have earned many $$$$ with youtube,instagram,facebook,seo and CPA.

My skype is: viewspak
Thank you !
I didn't see snapchat anywhere there, did you even read the title?
Not open for further replies.
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