shadowban tiktok

  1. J

    "Slow down you're editing too fast", and other notifications on Tiktok

    So I'm based in NZ and trying to target the USA Tiktok audience for the purpose of ecommerce. I have a USA SIM, Socks5 Proxy (using Socksdroid), Aged USA PVA Gmail account, and using my old factory reset Galaxy S9+. When setting up my new tiktok account, straight away I received the "Slow down...
  2. G

    Possible ways into the Tiktok creativity program

    Hi there, i have decided to start grinding to join this program and post content so i can possible make money from this. And with that, i have a few questions i was hoping some tiktok veterans could answer. I'm not from the US. 1. I realize the best way to go about this is growing your tiktok...
  3. LScro

    TikTok Video Repurposing Bot - Make 1000s videos from 1 & Reupload

    OVERVIEW: By repurposing a video the platform reads it as original content and the video performs like any other with no limitations. Avoid shadowbans and 0 views on reuploaded videos not reaching the FYP. It bypasses all algorithm detections for TikTok, Instagram and any other platform...
  4. C

    TikTok Blocked Desktop/PC Uploading , need help .

    So basically I have downloaded a lot of funny/memes videos for mass tiktok video uploading . I was uploading those videos manually from my camputer . I uploaded like 100 videos and took a break , it worked ! Had an amazing growth . BUT several hours after , I started uploading the videos again ...
  5. H

    What's happening to my TikTok account?

    Hi everyone! I own some travel repost accounts on IG and I've tried moving to TikTok. Firstly everything went well, some videos get more than 50k views but suddenly my videos started getting nothing. Barely 5 likes and views 0-10 (the most viewed one 80 views). I don't really know what can be...
  6. E

    Shadow banned on TikTok

    I’ve used multiple accounts on my device for watching videos ( stopped posting a while ago ). Made a new account like 3 days ago and have been posting very consistently. My first video has like 450 views ( and is increasing weirdly ). The videos after all have decreasing views. 50, 40 30 20 etc...
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