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  1. timi90

    AI Mass Content Creation with a fixed structure

    Hey everyone, its a little complicated to find a real solution and did now a lot of research and seems there are "some solutions" but most are just too generic. So here is the problem: We are trying to create an extensive glossary/dictionary for an NGO site I am running. We would need a bulk...
  2. I

    Service wanted: Wikipedia editing/Posting

    I need people that have Wikipedia accounts that have been around and decently active for a while, that can help me to some reputation management for a wikipedia page...basically we will supply the content to be posted on a page. Preferably you have 3-4 accounts (active under dif IPs) you can use...
  3. I

    New Freelancer Portal

    You are looking for Skilled and cost-effective freelance programmers, web designers and freelance writers,...? You like to earn money as a freelance programmer, web designer or freelance writer,...? We will release an new Freelancer Portal on 15.April. We invite all Service Buyer and Service...
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