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    I need people that have Wikipedia accounts that have been around and decently active for a while, that can help me to some reputation management for a wikipedia page...basically we will supply the content to be posted on a page. Preferably you have 3-4 accounts (active under dif IPs) you can use to make a conversation among the 3, of which the content will be provided by us. Maybe you have ideas too. Sorta know my way around wiki, but basically just need to handle a bad page for a client of mine.

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    If you just have one account, but are down, still contact me. I can use you if ur account is decent.

    $15 per successful (10 days up) change as provided. I'll prolly have 10 comments needed over the next few months on 3 - 4 accounts (dif IPs).

    I want aged accounts please - if you are just going to create them now, then f it...I have 3-4 u can use that are old if you are interested in going around and making them "full" and trusted looking...if that's the case let's talk, as I'm not sure how it'd work best ($1 per discussion made, or kept edit, or basically anyting that makes the user look busy. That's why I want aged accounts, but if people don't have em to use, I'll move forward with these.)

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